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Do you really need Venture Giants to find you an Angel investor

Do you really need to find yourself an Angel Investor?

If you are an entrepreneur actively seeking angel investment for your new start-up, ask yourself how important is investor funding to the success of your business? You believe strongly in your business! Consider how important is angel investor funding to the success of your business. If angel investor funding is of little importance or not important at all to the success of your business[Read More…]

Industry experience, and does it really matter

What is your industry experience, and does it really matter?

The industry experience of your management team has a significant influence on the investor’s perception of the viability of your business proposal. It is very important to check for contradictions in your business proposal that could be challenged. It’s important to consider the fact that most angel investors prefer to invest in industries that they have considerable knowledge and experience[Read More…]

Meeting an Angel Investor for the first time

Meeting an Angel Investor for the first time

When you receive an angel investor contact have you thought about how you intend to approach the angel investor? Remember appearances and etiquette matter and this article looks at the various contact methods that are available. The first rule of thumb when meeting a business angel investor or high net worth individual for the first time is to appreciate how busy they are.[Read More…]

How will you find an Angel Investor

How will you find an Angel Investor?

Finding an Angel investor can be daunting and whether it’s a face to face meeting or an online presentation, you need to be as professional and well prepared as possible. Here are a few guidelines to assist you in this process. Is there a typical Angel Investor and how do you recognise them?  Angels are successful business people who most likely[Read More…]

How scalable is your business

How scalable is your business?

Looking at your investment proposal from an Angel Investor’s point of view, how scalable do you think the angel will think you business is? How big do you think you can scale your business? Location only City wide State or Region wide Country wide Globally If you had indicated that your business can or will be scalable on a location[Read More…]