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Risk Capital: Raising external investment

Risk Capital: Raising External Investment

Bank Loans vs Angel Investment Venture Giants Special report on Risk Capital   Question: What is Risk Capital?  Definition: Risk Capital is classed as investment capital placed into a speculative activity to fund high-risk, high-reward investments.  As an entrepreneur looking to raise start-up funds for your business or seeking funds to expand your business, it is important to understand that angel investment is classed as risk capital[Read More…]

Calculating your yearly growth projections

Calculating your yearly growth projections

Most angel investors will want to know the rationale supporting your claims. It’s extremely important that the entrepreneur demonstrates a clear understanding of the size and scope of the industry in which they are in.  How do your projections compare with the yearly revenues and overall growth forecasted by the industry experts? The industry experience of your management team has a[Read More…]

What Role would you like to see an angel investor play in your company?

What role would you like to see an Angel Investor play in your company?

It’s important to consider the fact that most angel investors prefer to invest in industries that they have considerable knowledge and experience with. Also note that angel investors improve their value to the companies they invest with when they participate beyond just capital. Angel investors who interacted with their invested companies at least a couple of times a month experienced greater results.[Read More…]


The World’s Greatest Angel Investment: Google  

Tracing the development of a university graduate research project, it later became Google, a multi-billion pound corporation employing over 20,000 employees worldwide and now controlling over 68% of searches made worldwide over the internet. It has now indexed over one trillion pages on the internet – one thing is clear – Google is big. Though there are many articles listed[Read More…]