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We would like all users to be aware that Venture Giants ONLY operates from this URL VentureGiants.com and all our email will come from this domain. Do not fall vicitim to any one impersonating our brand or using our brand name.

Please note: As of 1/03/2020 we are no longer taking new proposals from entrepreneurs or accepting new investors. We have raised many £ms for UK startups over the past nine years of operation and would like to thank you for all of the love and support we have received over that time. Our articles and resources pages will be remain live for startups and entrepreneurs to benefit from. Please do take a look at them. They contain many articles on how to raise investment and get investor ready which we are sure you will benefit from. As always, we have, and always will, wish you the very best with your future endeavours.



 Venture Giants connects start-ups
& entrepreneurs with angel investors & Venture Capitalists looking to invest in the next big thing






Angel Investment opportunities      Angel Investment opportunities






Venture Giants Review
Success Story £100,000 funding raised for Mobile App



Venture Giants Review
Success Story and endorsement


  As featured in UK Newspapers




Recently Funded Proposals


Major Tech Startup raises £120,000
Funding through Venture Giants

Angel Investors

" I found the standard of investors on Venture Giants to be very high & we elicited attention from a lot of very well suited mentors ... 

... We raised £120,000 investment ”

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Food & Drinks platform raises £100,000
investment on Venture Giants

Angel Investment

"We knew early on not to waste time on Banks. There are a lot of angel investors investing in start-ups - linking up with them is difficult. The Venture Giants platform gives investors the chance to decide whether to make contact or not. This is a no-pressure situation for angel investors that provides impartial results ... 

... We raised £100,000 angel investment ”

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Film Producer raises over 30% 
of his film budget on Venture Giants

Film Investment

"I would highly recommend Venture Giants to any aspiring entrepreneur looking for angel investment - all of the contacts I received through Venture Giants were genuine investors interested in investing in my film production ...

... I raised over 30% of my film production budget through Venture Giants”

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Property Developer secures £900,000  Property Investment on Venture Giants

Film Investment

"Within 48 hours of submitting an investment proposal to Venture Giants, this Property Developer received the interest of 10 High Net Worth angel investors and within 4 weeks had secured the property investment he was seeking ...

... Find out how this Property developer secured over £900,000 property investment on Venture Giants”

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Success Stories
Click above to read more success stories in our News Channel - we have raised over £3.8m of angel investment for small businesses in the UK

Investor Network
View the hundreds of millionaires, angel investors and VC's signed up to us that are looking for startups and UK businesses to invest in, just like yours

Find Investment Opportunities
Browse over 3000 investment opportunities listed from start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to raise angel investment from angel investors and venture capitalists just like yourself.

Register as an Investor now to access all of these investment deals now and get involved with a great UK businesses now.


The Venture Giants Promise

Free Proposal Review
We review all investment proposals personally on Venture Giants before deciding if we can list and promote them with us. Where necessary, we even offer help and advice to entrepreneurs to ensure that the proposal is credible enough to be sent to investors that use Venture Giants to locate deals to invest in. 

Matching entrepreneurs with Angel Investors

During your listing period with Venture Giants we will be handpicking and sending your proposal to our network of vetted investors that have registered interest in investing in your sector, funding amount and even your region in the UK - we never push an investor to make contact - instead we present your proposal to them and it is always up to the investor to make contact with you if they are interested in investing. Venture Giants role is to get your proposal promoted in front of hundreds of vetted investors.

Browse our range of angel investors, under menu, investor profiles, to see the Property Investors, Tech Investors and even Film Investors that have registered to our platform. 

In short, Venture Giants has access to such a diverse range of investors - and now so can you, no matter how niche your business is.

Unlimited Investor contacts

We do not charge by the contact - instead all investor contacts that we find for you and you receive interest from on Venture Giants are included in your one off listing fee to us.

Venture Giants - A commission free platfrom since our launch in 2010

Venture Giants continues to charge NO commission on successful investment deals completed on our network no matter how big your deal size is. Even if your proposal does not raise investment we get your proposal in front of hundreds of investors which means credible exposure of your company in front of a highly receptive audience.

Confidential Proposal?

In case your proposal is confidential, or you have valuable IP and do not want to publish sensitive information online - Venture Giants now offer the option of Confidential proposal - which means we only email your proposal to select investors and we will not publish it online on our platform.


Find Angel investors through Venture Giants

Venture Giants is the premier UK business angel investment network & small business funding portal that matches serious and active business angel investors with entrepreneurs' seeking investment capital and business funding to start-up their new venture or expand their existing business.

As an Entrepreneur, looking for Angel Investors & Business Angel Investors can be quite a daunting process as approaching contacts outside of your Friends & Family for Angel Funding or Venture Capital funding can be fraught with difficulties - and most importantly - how do you trust that the angel investors that you meet are genuine and vetted?

Venture Giants was created to streamline this process and entrepreneurs and small business owners can easily get their investment proposal sent out to hundreds of angel investors in a fast and simple process.

Submitting your investment proposal to Angel Investors is now fast & easy with Venture Giants and the process of an entrepreneur receiving Angel investor contacts that are interested in investing in you is as follows:

  • Step 1: It is free for an entrepreneur or property developer to submit their property development funding proposal register and submit a max. 1000 word brief summary of your investment proposal to us. Register and create your brief investment proposal now. For premier proposal Property developers and entrepreneurs can upload Youtube videos and PDF's with their proposal.
  • Step 2: When you have completed your small business funding investment proposal, you can submit it for review to Venture Giants.
  • Step 3: We offer free help & guidance on any changes that will help you attract the angel finance you are seeking and if we feel that changes are needed, you will be asked to do this. Once we feel that your angel investment proposal is ready to sent out, you will be asked to pay your listing fee (based on the criteria of your proposal) and we will begin promoting it by sending it to our vetted network of angel investors.
  • Step 4: We will then mail out your investment opportunity to angel investors that are interested specifically in your industry, angel investment capital amount and region. You can expect it to reach a range from anywhere between 100 to 1000 angel investors. We also feature your investment proposal on our network for angel investors to browse and look over, and we do this for a period of six months, the most any angel investor network in the UK currently offers.
  • Step 5: If an angel investor reads your investment proposal and contacts you to discuss your investment summary they will contact you through Venture Giants and we will inform you that you have an interested investor. If an investor bypasses the process and contacts you directly (i.e. through the contacts details of your uploaded documents), for security purposes you can always contact us to verify this investor is actually a registered user from Venture Giants.

Venture Giants is a leading UK angel investment network and Business Funding service that matches UK entrepreneurs with Angel Investors and assists them to also find Venture Capitalists. Venture Giants is possibly the only resource a start-up or entrepreneur will need during their search for early-stage angel investment, seed investment capital funding or raising business finance to kick-start their business for their new-product or invention.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to Raise Funding for your business venture or even looking for funding from investors for your startup business idea then Venture Giants is the place for you. We feature some of the best small business funding opportunities currently available in the UK. Find out how your small business funding proposal could be out there in just a few simple steps.
If you are an entrepreneur looking for Investors to invest in your business or startup idea or are looking for new way to access venture capital investors, then find out how Venture Giants can help you for all of your venture capital funding needs.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to raise Business Finance or small business finance for their startup business idea can use Venture Giants to connect with angel investors that are seriously looking at investing into small business finance investments just like yours.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can raise finance for their start-up business by browsing through Venture Giants which is an Angel Investor Network with hundreds of UK based Angel investors and Venture Capitalists. If you are an entrepreneur looking for grants to fund or finance small business or a Startup business idea, Venture Giants can connect you to angel investors that have capital in reserves and are actively looking for lucrative business investment opportunities just like yours.

Whether you are looking for Angel groups and High Net Worth individuals or even private investors: Venture Giants has the most extensive collection of early-stage and seed investment start-up proposals for Angel Investors, geared towards seed or early-stage investment, all rounds of funding, expansion/growth capital, and research and development (R&D) Funding.

Register Now to access free filtered investment deal-flow from some of the UK's most talented and innovative entrepreneurs, or
click here to search through our investment database of business angel investment proposals.

To begin with Venture Giants, please select whether you are an entrepreneur, existing business or inventor with a fantastic investment-ready-idea or a high-net-worth business angel investor seeking to invest your investment capital in early stage financing, seed angel investment proposals or even a business startup.

Venture Giants is expanding its network of Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors through creative partnerships into new territories and Countries.



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