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Sachin Tendulkar A Focused Life: Secrets to Success ALL Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

Sachin Tendulkar is a global sportsman that entrepreneurs should learn from. Watch the video below to hear his life story. I find it remarkable that he stated when he was younger a small habit led him to create laser like focus in his field.

Focus is a key skill for any successful entrepreneur and Sachin Tendulkar at 3 minutes 30 states how he only started chasing his dreams once he developed focus in his chosen field which led him to develop discipline.

This was a pivotal point for him and this is wise advice for any entrepreneur looking to create a product or service that makes a real difference.

I also find it remarkable that for Sachin Tendulkar, focus preceded discipline. I always thought that focus began with discipline first, but watching Sachin Tendulkar’s speech (filmed and enclosed below) made me realise that focus stems from curiosity. Then intensity is brought about, bringing a sense of urgency and discipline as you pursue your highest ideals.

When we are in alignment with the sector we were born to perform in, the path of least resistance, mixed with laser like focus and discipline will create an irresistible force to success.

There were stages in Sachin Tendulkar’s life where he did not succeed. But he learned quickly, how to stand back up on his own feet and compete in the fairest possible manner.

It took him 22 years, and there were ups and downs along the way and again it was this discipline that forced him to never dwell on the failing, but on the desire to be successful and just.

A lesson for all entrepreneurs to learn from Sachin Tendulkar

You can either wake up in the morning and complain about everything you do not have or thank God for everything you do have. If you do that, you will lead a happy and longer life.

Happiness is ultimately what we all strive for and the point comes across in the video. Every real entrepreneur will be able to relate to this story, as well as those that are just beginning their journey.

The second chapter – Philanthropy

The second chapter of Sachin Tendulkar’s life is explained at 6m30, about philanthropy and giving back to the world. Again, another trajectory that most entrepreneurs will aspire towards.

A lesson that Sachin Tendulkar teaches is humility. Learning to truly appreciate what you have. That is a lesson all entrepreneurs must come to grips with as early as possible.