Do you really need Venture Giants to find you an Angel investor
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Do you really need to find yourself an Angel Investor?

If you are an entrepreneur actively seeking angel investment for your new start-up, ask yourself how important is investor funding to the success of your business? 

You believe strongly in your business! Consider how important is angel investor funding to the success of your business.

If angel investor funding is of little importance or not important at all to the success of your business then this is something that you should seriously reconsider. As Felix Dennis (Self-made entrepreneur worth circa £750m) stated in his extraordinary book “how to get rich” getting rich, really rich, is about equity equity equity. Owning 100% is key to being really rich, and if you are an entrepreneur that is in a fortunate position where angel investor funding is not really needed as part of your success strategy. Then it may well be worth considering holding on to your equity and allowing your company to expand organically. Underestimating the amount of money that is actually needed to effectively manage the business is arguably the single largest contributor to early stage business failures. Remember proper capitalisation is critical to the success of any business, especially a start up.

On the other hand, another question to ask yourself is what brought you to this article or to Venture Giants right now?

It’s simply this …You’ve identified the need for funding in your business. 
It may be seed capital for a new venture or additional funding for an early stage business that needs a financial angel investor in order to thrive or succeed.

If you do not have any angel investor contacts and are looking for angel funding at the moment then Venture Giants can assist you in streamlining and sending out your investment proposal to angel investors that are actively seeking to invest in industries that you may be in. 

If you already have investor contacts, we believe that everything you need to prepare yourself on raising capital or angel investment funding is listed in all of the articles in the news channel and entrepreneur resources page of Venture Giants. At the very least, all the articles will sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and will make you seem more credible and experienced.

Use all of the tools and resources at Venture Giants to your advantage and best of luck.