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This comprehensive section of business Startup articles provides free information and resources to Startups and Entrepreneurs looking to raise external investment and business financing from business angel investors and Venture Capital. This section deals with the many questions and answers to getting your investment proposal, investor ready, and raising the necessary funds for your business.

Business Angel Investor Checklist

Business Angel Investor Checklist  | Due Diligence

The following is an important check list that every Angel Investor should go through before investment decisions. As an entrepreneur reading this article, we at Venture Giants would suggest that you acquaint yourself fully with these type of hard hitting questions that you might expect from prospective Business Angel Investors interested in investing in you. Remember, you only get one[Read More…]


Giving away Equity for NO Angel investment

Has a Business Angel Investor ever asked you for equity in exchange for no investment?   If not, then this article may be worth reading.  As an entrepreneur you have taken the big step of deciding that you wish to go ahead with seeking investment from a business angel investor and have made all of the preparations and crafted the perfect pitch[Read More…]

Giving away equity (how much?)

Giving away equity (how much?)

Agreeing to invest in a business is relatively easy. Agreeing to accept an angel investment is not as easy as feels like giving away a part of yourself. Entrepreneurs should think long and hard about external investment. The moment you accept just £1 of external money, you have a legal and moral obligation to run your business in the best[Read More…]

Is a Director an Employee

Is a Director an Employee?

When a company becomes insolvent, whether or not a shareholder and director is an employee, in the context of section 230 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA) can be difficult to ascertain. The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) considered this issue in the case of Nesbitt and Nesbitt vs Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. A Case Study Mr[Read More…]

Tax on Capital Gains How Entrepreneurs Relief Works

Tax on Capital Gains: How Entrepreneurs Relief Works

From 6 April 2008 disposals of qualifying businesses and business assets are eligible for Entrepreneurs’ Relief.  In simple terms, it allows business owners to reduce their Capital Gains Tax liability to the equivalent of 10 per cent of the chargeable gain.  The following notes will give you some idea of the conditions attached to Entrepreneurs’ Relief. The list is not[Read More…]

The World is a Business Angel Investor's Oyster

The World is a Business Angel Investor’s Oyster

When angel investing first started, chances were pretty good any investment being made was fairly close to home. Even with excellent travel infrastructure over the past several decades, Business Angels still preferred to invest close to home and within a 100 mile radius. Here we are in the middle of 2009. Are things any different today? Would you be willing to invest in[Read More…]

My own ideas or investing in others

My own ideas or investing in others?

You simply cannot be a good business angel investor without also being an entrepreneur. Because of this “two-tiered title”, I can’t help but feel so excited and inspired every time I hear or read about a relatively new start-up selling for a huge windfall. I guess those types of exits reap wonderful rewards for both the entrepreneur and investor. Over the past few[Read More…]

How much Equity is enough

How much equity is enough?

Over my entrepreneurial life, I have started dozens of businesses, some needed cash from an outside angel investor or bank and some did not. For the ones that did need outside capital, being a new start-up usually meant an angel investor. Many of those have been private individuals but some have also been professional angel investors. It doesn’t really matter what[Read More…]

Business Angels cross the Borders!

Business Angels Cross Borders!

Europe has recently realised the strengths of business angel activity as a source of funding for startups. Whereas Europe in the next few years faces the challenge of building a trans-European environment for cross-border investments, Finland is leading the way by demonstrating EU-Russian cross-border cooperation. Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund was one of the founding members of the European Business[Read More…]