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Please scroll down for many more completed deals.
We have published full success stories and reviews from entrepreneurs that have successfully raised investment through Venture Giants. 

Worthy of note is that a large amount of deals have remained unpublished as entrepreneurs (or investors) have chosen to keep their investment deals confidential.

From Pages 3 onwards, we have have also provided valuable resources and articles for entrepreneurs that are looking to get their pitch and business investment ready.


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House Quarter, the Mobile app successfully raised £100k angel investment from an Angel Investor registered with Venture Giants. However the entrepreneur that posted his proposal on Venture Giants was surprised to learn that the investor that showed interest in his listed investment proposal was none other than Mr. Raj Dhonata the former Apprentice Star that also started his own £1m investment firm to invest in UK startups! For those of you new to the service, Venture Giants is an online funding platform that connects entrepreneurs with vetted high net worth individuals, venture capitalists and angel investors that are looking to invest in Startups and established businesses. The full story follows here.

With the introductions made through Venture Giants, Adam Rolston was able to successfully raise over 30% of the funds for his production of a romantic comedy film entitled, ‘Meet Me On The Southbank’ from a private investor that Venture Giants introduced to him which led him to later start his production in a Streetcat Named Bob which has just been released Nationwide in Cinemas.

Farokh Engineer, Former India and Lancashire wicket-keeper Farokh Engineer has endorsed Venture Giants, a London based alternative investment funding platform as the best place for UK SMEs and entrepreneurs to find investors for their business. Filmed live at Taj Hotel, St James, Buckingham Gate

An engineering services business based in Derby that used Venture Giants has today secured a £500,000 business investment funding deal to resurface the floors of all London Underground stations on the Piccadilly Line using a revolutionary American flooring product. The deal proposed is in the £millions and the business was seeking the angel investment injection of £500,000 to to meet their targets for this growth. So far, Venture Giants has found business funding for www.London.com - a heritage property for the tourism industry in the UK and now has successfully found angel funding for a business that will be responsible for a £6m resurfacing project for London Underground stations. These two projects will be crucial to way London develops, and will provide millions in taxes to the UK economy. Venture Giants has funded over £1.6m worth of angel investment and continues to find budding entrepreneur's funding for their business ventures in the most cost effective, streamlined internet platform.

Venture Giants judged at the IBM Smart City Challenge which saw an entrepreneur awarded £750,000 in investment and business acceleration support. Judges included Joe Mitton, Special Adviser to the Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise, Alison Say from IBM Cloud Ecosystem, and Venture Giants.

Venture Giants has received confirmation that just over £200,000 of Angel Investment was invested into Pay as you go gym from an introduction made through Venture Giants. Pay as you Go Gym has been widely recognized as a revolutionary business concept that is helping millions of Gym Goers get fit from a Gym without the need of a monthly membership. Genius.

A London based internet Startup has raised £227,000 through Venture Giants. The Venture which touted itself as an 'Uber styled business, but for food', raised the Angel investment from a high profile investor contact made through Venture Giants. The investor's background was in technology and he was responsible in creating one of the UK's largest Gambling websites. As well as the significant £227,000 of angel investment the investor has invested into this project on Venture Giants - the investor is in a strong position to provide considerable tech expertise, contacts and resources to the tech entrepreneurs.

Venture Giants Review: An entrepreneur that posted his investment requirement of £200,000 to create a mental care home in Bournemouth today confirmed that he raised over £200,000 of investment, commission free, after discussing his funding requirements with a Property Angel Investor that Venture Giants found for him. Click below to read the full case study on this incredible entrepreneur that raised investment inspite of all the odds against him.

We feature some of our summary highlights of deals consummated in 2016 to 2017. Should you raise investment through us, we hope that you will contact us and will allow us to publish the success story of entrepreneurial journey.

Venture Giants has found over £1,000,000 for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs according to a report in the Business Reporter in the Sunday Telegraph. Venture Giants is a well-established Angel investment platform that enables potential investors to browse investment opportunities from some of the brightest and most talented entrepreneurs in the UK, looking to raise angel investment capital to help them start or take their business to the next level.

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“I would highly recommend Venture Giants to any aspiring entrepreneur looking for investment."

Adam Rolston, Raised over 30% of his films production budget on Venture Giants

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