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Intellectual Property (IP) Protection - Patent  

How do I Patent my Product or Invention?
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A patent will protect a new invention. It will also cover:

  • How things work
  • What they do
  • How they do it
  • What they are made of
  • How they are made

It will give you the owner the right to prevent others from making, using, importing or selling the invention without your permission.

To gain this protection, your invention will have to:

  • Be new
  • Have an inventive step that is not obvious to someone with knowledge and experience in the subject
  • Be capable of being made or used in some kind of industry

But, your Invention can NOT be:

X   A scientific or mathematical discovery, theory or method
X   A literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work
X   A way of performing
X   The presentation of information, or some computer programs
X   An animal or plant variety
X   A method of medical treatment or diagnosis
X   Against public policy or morality.

If your invention meets these requirements, you may want to consider applying for a patent:

It is important to note that if your application is approved for a patent, you will have to renew it every year after the 5th year for up to 20 years protection.

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