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How we can find you investor interest:

Submitting your proposal to us for us to look over could not be easier and is completely free of cost.

If approved we will immediately list it on Venture Giants for investors to find 
and we will also send it out to 300 - 1000 fully vetted investors. 

We will continue to promote your proposal during your listing period by sending it out to the investors that we approve to use our service and we currently offer the longest promotional period that any other competing investment network in the UK can offer.

Best of all, Venture Giants does not take a commision on any money raised using our service and we guarantee genuine investor contacts with most investors that have already invested in 2- 4 businesses already.


Why we are better

  • Longest listing period for your proposal in the UK
  • Unlimited investor contacts included
  • Proposal send out to vetted 300 - 1000 investors - view here
  • No commission on any investment you raise
  • Guaranteed genuine investor contacts

Register now, submitting your investment summary to us could not be easier and you will not find a better solution for getting your investment proposal out there and taking the first step to meeting investors.

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