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Why I chose Venture Giants over other investment networks and crowd funding solutions  

I have looked at Venture Giants on several occasions, and as you know yourself, there are many companies offering a similar type of service but only with a upfront fee.

This concerned me, as it seemed rightly or wrongly that those type of businesses that wish to get paid firstly probably did not have the support of investors, and it was a ruse to raise money, which I suppose would be slightly judgemental on my part!

What attracted me to Venture Giants in particular, was the detail which VG took in explaining the process and what you were looking from me.

This told me that you were not going to take a business on purely for the money, as you only get paid when an investor makes an enquiry …… but most importantly, the business plan had to fit what you were looking for in a entrepreneur, which told me firstly, that you indeed have investors, and secondly you would take care in the proposals that you will send onto them.

I found you in Google search, which incidentally we also have a high localised rating, as we are always in the top five locally under Google search.

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Westcountry Storage Solutions.

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