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Just joined this today to get a picture of how the UK entrepreneur scene operates in comparison with Ireland. At the outset it looks like we've got really good government backed supports (e.g. Enterprise Ireland) but one of the things Ireland lacks is much in terms of Angel communities/investors. To that end I joined multiple networks (GoBigNetwork, Angel.co, Angelsoft.net, IrishInvestmentNetwork and VentureGiant).

The GoBigNetwork doesn't charge - neither does Angel.co. I found GoBig full of chancers - mostly US based hocus pocus companies who'll take you on as a "client" to find you investors. Angel.co just looks like yet another social network .. bored of that. AngelSoft attracted a Chinese company with a French agent which when queried by our lawyers disappeared (draw your own conclusions). BTW, AngelSoft was €250 per month!! The IrishInvestmentNetwork has reaped a couple of individuals which we're working through but individuals are a different kind of animal - they want tax incentive schemes set up etc (yes we can do that in IE) but it's a €20k headache to do so. Venture Giants has generated 2 potentials - one an individual and the other a bluechip investor.... Now that's better.

So it's a case of how much is your time worth with the free ones. The expensive ones don't do much either (except cost me unnecessary legal fees and a monthly lump so far) and then there's Venture Giants at £99. It's not free but compared to the others it's not expensive either. One thing I also noticed is that only 40% of proposals on Venture Giants get interest. On the free networks, that's a lot higher (e.g. we got 12 in less than a day) but every last one was a waste of time.

BTW, if you talk to the Irish government agencies about investment networks, the first thing they will tell you is that most of the investors aren't vetted. Which in my experience is totally true but if the potential investors are easy to trace (email addresses, traceable over the net etc) you've got some hope. The contacts we've had on Venture Giants so far have at least been real people and organizations with valid email addresses.

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The Total Funding this entrepreneur is seeking on Venture Giants is £225,000.00 and he is involved in the Computer Software and Internet sector. He is currently based in Ireland and is seeking Seed Capital or Early Stage investment.

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