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A student and chairman of the Loughborough entrepreneurial society created was seeking investment capital of £30,000 for his unique website platform for university communities to buy and sell textbooks. The start up investment of investment that Robert’s sought was to build websites for 20 universities and to also provide the capital for advertising the web pages for each university.

Roberts projected that investors could expect an ROI (return on Investment) of 100% within the first 12 months by investing in his project.

Not expecting much, Robert’s filmed a brief video pitch of what he was trying to accomplish (from his home webcam) and typed a brief investment proposal using Venture Giants’s easy to use template system.

As soon as Venture Giants received the proposal, we reviewed the investment proposal, requested a few changes to be made to improve it - and once these issues were addressed Venture Giants sent out Thomas Robert’s university investment proposal to the Angel Investors that were actively looking to invest in Robert’s industry sector, region, investment range and most importantly investment type.

Rishi Anand, Founder of Venture Giants stated, “this is where Venture Giants differs from other Angel Investment networks and angel funding services - we actually find out what investors are looking for, what their investment background is and send them investment proposals that they are actually interested in investing in.”

In total, the investment proposal was sent out to approximately 500 UK based business angel investors and angel syndicates and groups that were all registered to Venture Giants to receive daily deal-flow.

The Result?

Thomas Robert’s was seeking an investment of £30k.

Venture Giants found Robert’s a total of 18 UK based angel investors with a combined investment capital of £2.8m. Perhaps more surprisingly was Venture Giants’s fee for all of this – only £99.00.


Thomas Robert’s Testimonial on Venture Giants below:

"I decided to use Venture Giants after a long search for a service that would allow me to connect with investors and take my business to the next step.
Entrepreneurs seeking Angel Funding
The website looked very user friendly, and was endorsed by Rachel Elnaugh, a reputable entrepreneur, and someone I have met personally so I was very drawn to the site.

I uploaded my proposal, where I was seeking investment for the expansion of my university textbook trading business. Initially, my thought process was that I had nothing to lose in uploading a proposal. Furthermore, I loved the fact that you are not required to pay a fee until you decide that you would like to contact an investor.

Rather surprisingly, my proposal attracted significant interest and although I was skeptical of the notion that I would pay a fee and actually have these investors truly interested, I proceeded.

Within minutes of contacting the investors my doubts were gone, the investors were all as enthusiastic about the proposal as I had ever been, numerous emails and phone calls later I had felt the knowledge and experience I had gained was worth the fee irrespective of a further investment, this felt great.

In particular, one investor spent considerable time explaining how to encompass a content management system into my website, and discussed the market trends in America, this led to the development of offering new, innovative services for customers.

Beyond this, a crucial reassurance was that Rishi Anand from Venture Giants contacted me personally and expressed an interest in an investment along with another investor, but he also expressed a commitment to supporting me especially with regard to preparation for meeting investors.

Currently, I'm having a great time fine tuning the proposal and feel confident. regardless of a future investment, the advice and insight I have gained from investors has added value to my business, and my thought processes and for this I'm thankful for the service Venture Giants provides, and would recommend it to budding entrepreneurs"

Anyone interested in hearing more about Thomas Robert’s unique website platform for specific university communities to buy and sell textbooks can find out more via his website: Loughborough Student books




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