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Raising Small Business Finance in UK  

Raise Buisiness Funding with Venture Giants


If you are you an entrepreneur actively searching for a simple and fast method of raising business finance from angel investors then Venture Giants is the place for you.

Venture Giants is an online platform that allows entrepreneurs to interact with potential angel investors that are looking to invest in business finance or small business finance opportunities just like yours.

Submitting your business finance proposal is a simple streamlined process and using Venture Giants.

 It is completely free to submit a business finance proposal to us, and if approved we will then send your proposal out to angel investors that are actively seeking to invest in business financing opportunities in your region, industry and investment amount.

Angel Investors looking to invest in small business finance proposals or other types of business financeopportunities know that Venture Giants presents only the most attractive business opportunities, so you will find a receptive audience when you are raising business finance and submit your investment proposal to us.

Submitting your business finance investment proposal could not be easier, and your proposal could be live on our database in a few simple steps. 

If you are looking to raise Business Funding for your venture, register with us now.

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There are numerous reasons why an entrepreneur who is seriously looking for business finance or small business finance would benefit joining our already extensive group of angel investors and entrepreneurs. 

Using Venture Giants’s easy to use template will help you to formulate a short investment proposal for your small business finance requirements and present it in a way that will appeal to potential investors.

You will also be assisted with strategic tips for raising business finance, and you can learn ways to attract more angel investors, and can take advantage of Venture Giants’s domain expertise in the field of angel investment.



Connect with the right investor now

Angel Investment
 will not only provide your business with the vital funding you are seeking to raise but also with the experience and mentorship that can really take your business to the next level.

"Register now and let us find you an investor, no matter how niche or specialised your business is."

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We have raised over £2m commission-free for Start-ups.



Investors using Venture Giant

View the investors that use Venture Giants. 
We have over 1000 vetted investors 



Investors using Venture Giant

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answer alot of your questions

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