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The new default end of life company
We are SPEAR, an acronym for Simple Probate and Estate Administration Rights. SPEAR’s strap line is “The Single Point of Contact”, SPEAR aims to become the destination of choice for people looking for assistance with a range of problems that typically arise following the death of a relative or close associate. We are a brand new Company incorporated on the 15th of July 2019.

We exist solely to improve the end of life process for friends, family, loved ones and the beneficiaries of someone who has recently passed by offering affordable expert legal advice. It is our intention to build the most effective referral mechanism for individuals needing such help and more, throughout the UK.

Our aim is to provide the first and largest holistic, single point of contact, end of life company, offering the greatest overall service, one that is the most beneficial to the client.

We also offer a completely unique service for our clients, which is to reduce the liabilities of an estate. Typically when someone passes, the estate is valued at that precise point, meaning all assets and liabilities, or debts, are calculated and the liabilities are paid from any assets the estate has. Our expertise is to reduce these liabilities as much as we can using nothing other than Consumer Law and full and final settlements. Typically this can mean writing off 30-60% of the liabilities. As you can imagine, this is of great value to the beneficiaries of the estate. There is no upfront cost to this and all work is carried out on a no win no fee basis so there is no downside.

Our full list of services we are offering to each client is:
· The reduction in liabilities of the estate.
· A probate service from acquisition of probate certificate to complex full estate administration including inheritance tax and investigations by HMRC.
· A will writing service.
· Estate agency service to dispose of, rename or re-title any property included in the estate including full conveyancing service.
· House purchasing, when property has to be sold faster than conventional means. Within 48 hours.
· Equity release service to aid and support the surviving partner.
· Funeral plans and funerals.

We are seeking an £80k angel investment to secure the safe start up and working capital of SPEAR. Based on our projections we genuinely believe the investor will see a return on their money in the first year. Depending on the deal the investor wants they can have either all their money back in the first year plus 150% interest or all their money back in 12 months and 15% equity in SPEAR. We believe this is a great opportunity for both SPEAR and any investor that believes in us.
Total Funding Required: £80,000.00
Min. per Investor: £20,000.00
Industry: Service - Personal
Sec. Industry: Financial Services
Region: North West
Proposal ID: 22928
Investment Reason: Start-Up
Proposal Status:
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