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Up And Coming TV Series
Our fantasy TV Series, is a story of five witches who begin their journey into the mysterious world they live in; they happened to discover new supernatural entities that can blur the barrier between other dimensions and their own. They stumble across an entity that is so powerful that they seek help from their unborn children. The group of children grow stronger and more powerful; unsure how to use their magic. More and more witches join their newly formed coven teaching them how to use their strength and abilities. Not only are they battling demons of their own but demons of their past.

Lead Character Descriptions
Zander is played by a British-Canadian actor, with 20 years experience in the industry, He is a self-assured, presumptuous man. Brimming with unabashed and raw virility, which continually causes him to be put in situations where not only his life but the lives of his loved ones are put at risk. His impressive powers and dauntless front, allow him to cloud his greatest vulnerability; being orphaned.

Elisia is played by a Welsh actress, with over 7 years experience in the industry, She is an influential witch who holds a lot of power. She is a twin to Zander and she tends to find herself mollycoddling him as he is out of control a majority of the time. She is very judicious and prudent with her choices and is always the decision maker of the group. She struggles overcoming being an orphan.

Trixie is played by the creator and director of the show. Trixie inhabits a guileless, and unreserved honesty. A spritely witch who has become blasé to the constant dangers that she and her friends are threatened with.

Xavier, played by a British Actor, with 4 years experience in the industry, is very discreet about his powers as he knows they could bring a lot of questions if seen by the public eye. He is the least confident of his group; yet he tends to hold the group together. He holds a lot of knowledge but not only about their kind, but all creatures that exist in their world. Xavier struggles with his sexuality and he attempts to conceal this but when it comes down to it; he knows what the truth is, he is too scared to admit it.

Aurora played by a British Actress, with 7 years experience in the industry, holds a lot of power; not only in magic but in strength. She tends to hold her group together with her witty personality. She can be perceived to have quite an attitude but this is just a front to ensure hers and her friends safety against humans that could ruin their existence. She gets angered very easily & quickly which can end up causing her to make rash decisions that she would learn to regret the next day.

Katia, played by a Lithuania Actress, with 2 years experience in the industry, is a very powerful witch who holds a lot of knowledge about the history of her kind. Her parents are from Russia and moved to England a long time before she was born. She is very spiritual and can sometimes get caught up in believing which world she belongs too. Katia tends to not use her magic as much as the others as she sees her powers as a sin.

These characters have a bond that no one can break even with their differences. Throughout the show you see them grow into their magic and overcome the most unbearable situations. Our actors have a huge love for our show and are dedicated to making the show a success with your help.
Total Funding Required: £50,000.00
Min. per Investor: £10,000.00
Industry: Film
Sec. Industry: Entertainment
Region: South East
Proposal ID: 17899
Investment Reason: Working Capital
Proposal Status:
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