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Monday 18 August 2008, 8:00 GMT

LONDON/PRNewswire/ -- A London based company has launched what they feel is the leading and most advanced entrepreneur and investor capital matching service in the UK.

Venture Giants Enterprises Ltd has spent the past 18 months in development of an online matching service that connects entrepreneurs seeking investment capital with investors looking for more alternative ways to invest their money.

Company CEO Rishi Anand says "we have all watched the hugely successful BBC television show The Dragons' Den and many of us either feel the pain of how difficult it is for these innovative entrepreneurs to get the hard to find capital for their business ideas or aspire to be like the successful dragons on the show and want to be able to access these exciting start-up companies. Venture Giants was created to bridge this gap, make the deal flow sourcing process much easier and accessible and simply makes it a win/win for all parties involved."

The online service has just launched and already has a substantial amount of capital sitting there waiting for the right investment to come along. Anand states the total pool at present is over £43 million and growing each day.

Angel Investing in the UK has never been more popular. Many people sitting on extra cash are turning to seed and early-stage type of investments as a result of all the press around huge buy-outs and pay days for early investors in many start-up companies. None perhaps better known than Google which saw one angel investor make over $1 billion (£500 million) from an initial investment of just $100,000 (£50,000)!


The list continues with such success stories as YouTube, Yahoo, eBay and many believe the next major buy-out to be Facebook who recently sold 1.6% Equity for a staggering US $240m, valuing the social networking site at US $15 billion. Chances are this company was launched like many of the others with a handful of early-stage investors with a reasonable amount of money to get started.

Angel investing however is still a very risky alternative to traditional stocks and even property investments. It clearly isn't for everyone. The upside however is that if an investor has the money to take a few chances and likes the idea of getting in early, it can be rewarding and fun.

Venture Giants is not regulated by the FSA as it is not a commission collecting service, nor do they provide any type of advice or recommendations on any of the entrepreneur proposals. As a result, they do not fall within FSA regulations.


Each investor is required to attest to being a self accredited "sophisticated investor" as well which furthers places the responsibility on the investor to understand the risks associated with typical early-stage high risk investments.

For more information, visit https://www.venturegiants.com.


Contact: Rishi Anand
Managing Director – Europe
E: ranand@venturegiant.com


Venture Giants Enterprises LTD – 'Making Entrepreneurs & Investors, rich'

Distributed by PR Newswire on behalf of Venture Giants Enterprises Ltd


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