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Maximize your business plan potential by filming your own video presentation in a digital format and uploading it directly onto your proposal. This promotional tool is also especially useful if you are trying to raise investment for a particular product that requires a visual presentation of it and is hard to describe in the written medium. Your presentation can also point out individual aspects of your product whilst you describe the financial projections directly to an interested third party.
Even Entrepreneurs seeking to raise working capital or funds to expand their existing business can visually film their business in operation, ensuring that Investors can understand exactly what you are proposing first hand without requiring them to make an onsite visit to determine whether they are interested in you or not.
Uploading  your video onto Venture Giants can also reassure a potential investor of your credibility by visually demonstrating your individual character and creativeness behind your business proposal.



Before considering filming and uploading a Video Pitch onto Venture Giants, it worth considering whether or not you feel passionate enough about your product or service. Silly question it may sound, but do you think that an Investor would benefit from seeing a visual presentation of yourself talking about your product of service? Or is 'saying less' and keeping to a text based investment proposal, more?

Investors are very perceptive and you can be certain that if your enthusiasm as an entrepreneur does not transfer to film then it will almost certainly be impossible to convince your investor that you are backable as an entrepreneur (with an investable product or service).


Our advice to you is to decide whether or not to upload your video pitch only once it is completed and looked upon in a disciplined and objective manner. Get some feedback from Family and Friends. Remember, more important than quality is your enthusiasm and if your video does not enthuse, it may actually end up hurting your chances of attracting investment, so structuring and planning your video pitch is as important as filming it. We have compiled some guidelines to assist you.

Structuring your Video Pitch
Before you even start to shoot a scene, plan the structure for how you want your Video Pitch to evolve. The chances are that you’ll need to impart important factual pieces of information to your Investors as well as displaying your product or service in operation. Remember an excellent picth should be from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. So a well planned and executed script will help you no-end. 

The Shoot - Steps to follow

Following a few simple rules when filming your video pitch will improve the quality of the end product that you upload:

  • A Video Pitch is all about the product or service and the people involved. Therefore, you don’t really need to worry about incorporating pans, tilts and any other special effects.
  • Keep the background simple to focus attention on the subject. 
  • Make sure that your lighting is adequate.  More light will help you keep the subject in focus and make colors look better too. 
  • Use a tripod. A steady image is essential for better compression and for a more professional look. 
  • Double check the sound level.  It is often better to avoid using an internal microphone because camera vibrations generate a lot of noise. If you need to use in internal microphone, test it first and compare the quality to the sound from an external microphone to be sure you are satisfied. Get the microphone as close as possible to the subject. 
  • The smaller the image size of the final product, the closer you should zoom in on the subject to create a close-up shot for your video frame. 
  • Keep it short and keep up the pace. Beginners tend to make shots too long. Long videos with little content take up space and time and slow down the rhythm without adding much to the overall quality of the presentation. 
  • If you use auto-focus, test it to make sure it works well. On some cameras, auto-focus can cause sudden unintentional changes in focus when something moves in your frame. 
  • Avoid changing the zoom, panning, or tracking while shooting your video pitch.

A final note
Also please understand that Venture Giants is very selective over the Video pitches we allow on our portal and we may not accept your video. The main questions we ask during review are:

  • Is the film and audio quality of the video pitch acceptable?
  • Will the video benefit the entrepreneur in attracting investment on Venture Giant?
  • Will the video benefit an investor who is interested in the Entrepreneur? 

At the end of the day, it will be the subject matter and your pitch itself that will determine whether your video pitch creates an impact or not - and that's what we are looking for.



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