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Why 'A Street Cat Named Bob' Film Producer, Adam Rolston chose to raise film investment through Venture Giants  

Why Adam Rolston (Film Producer) of
'A Street Cat named Bob' chose to raise film investment through Venture Giants


The best selling childrens book, ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ which has recently been released in Cinemas Nationwide in the UK is and was a cultural phenomenon. The children's book was published in the UK in 2012 and spent a record 70 consecutive weeks in the Sunday Times Best-seller list. It sold over 6 million copies worldwide and was an ‘Instant’ New York Times Bestseller and was nominated, ‘top ten teen reads of all time’ which included best-selling books such as J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.


The Film producer responsible for bringing the Novel to the big screen was visionary, Adam Rolston - what is perhaps not well known in the Media is that Venture Giants, a Funding platform set up to bring entrepreneurs together with investors, was responsible for finding Adam Rolston's film investors for his first film project and Adam Rolston later went onto secure the film rights for 'A Streetcat named Bob' which is already destined to make big returns for it's Film investors. 


Adam Rolston graduated from Royal Holloway University of London with an MA in Screenwriting for Film and Television and in 2009 wrote a successful stage musical/play that was transferred to London’s Wilton’s Music Hall in 2010 where it enjoyed a sell-out run.Film Investment Venture Giant In 2011, the show later moved on and played at the Edinburgh Festival and then to the USA. The play featured extensively in the media, including the Daily Mail reporting that:


'The songs are woven together like a string of freshwater pearls by writer Adam Rolston'
The Daily Mail


It was from this success that Adam decided to write and Direct 'Meet Me On The Southbank' and to do this turned to Venture Giants. 


Micro budget film production in the UK especially has seen explosive growth as these films are relatively cheap to produce and can yield phoenmal growth and exits in relatively short period of times for angel investors. An example of this is a micro film aptly entitled ‘once’ that was produced in 2007 for £40,000 and yielded a Sundance award and generated over $20m gross worldwide.
After submitting his Film development project to us, Venture Giants handpicked the film investors, private investors and angel investors to send Adam Rolston's film development project to.

With the introductions made through Venture Giants, Adam Rolston was able to successfully raise over 30% of the funds required for his production of a romantic comedy film entitled, ‘Meet Me On The Southbank’ from a private investor that Venture Giants introduced to him.

Remarkably, Venture Giants was the first place Adam Rolston had tried when trying to raise his film investment and had not raised any funds prior to this as most of his productions had been self-funded. Ultimately, it was from this production that Adam was able to secure the film rights for "A Streetcat named Bob" which has now been released in cinemas on 4/11/2016.
As Venture Giants' Director, Rishi Anand recounts when he met Adam Rolston for the very first time - when Adam was only at his very early stages of his career - Rishi could not help but feel that there was something very special about Adam and that it was easy to see him not only as a successful film producer, but also as a great entrepreneur.

Why Adam Rolston, Producer of A Streetcat named BOB, chose Venture Giants to find him investors


"All of the contacts I received through Venture Giants were genuine investors with one particular contact from a high-net worth individual that was looking to invest directly in new businesses" Adam Rolston continued: "Venture Giants was the first site I signed up to. I can't imagine how I would have found the film investment otherwise."


What advice does Adam Rolston give to budding young film entrepreneurs that were in similar situations to his and were seeking to raise film investment or even Angel investment for their Start-up? 


"I would highly recommend Venture Giants to any aspiring entrepreneur looking for investment. The site is easy to use and the staff are extremely helpful. What's more, their site attracts genuine individuals looking to invest. Just make sure you have a strong business plan before approaching them" Actress

Venture Giants is a fast and convenient way to get investment proposals out to genuine, vetted, private individuals and angel investors that are looking to invest in UK start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Market Overview of the Film Industry for Investors


The UK has the third largest film market in the world and the industry makes a substantial contribution to the overall GDP.

In 2011, UK cinema admissions increased by 1.4% to £171.6m the third highest total of the last decade. The gross value of those ticket sales was £1,040 million, up 5% on 2010 Films. Interestingly, films produced in the UK had a 17% share of the global box office in 2011, up by 14% in 2010. Inward investment in films contributed almost £1bn which was the highest total recorded. 


In 2011 there were 237 films produced in whole or part in the UK. 169 of the 237 were domestic UK features (of which 98 had budgets under £500,000) and 28 were inward investment films. 

The UK film industry continues to grow and thrive.

Film Industry

Benefits to Angel Investors investing in the Film Industry:
Key Investment Benefits to Angel Investors are:
- 50% income tax relief regardless of the marginal rate of income tax suffered by the individual (if film project is SEIS Qualifying)
- Income tax relief carry back to the preceding tax year
- Capital gains tax exemption on ultimate sale of the shares provided the qualifying criteria are satisfied throughout the minimum 3 year holding period.
- Capital gains tax deferral for capital gains crystallised three years before or one year after the SEIS share subscription
- Income tax relief on the shares subscribed should the investment fail.
If you are looking to invest in Film Projects please register as an investor with Venture Giants and browse over 80 investment proposal listed over 60 



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