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London Based Internet 'Uber for Chefs' Venture raises £227,000 through Venture Giants from one single angel investor  

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'UBER styled business' for Chefs based in London
 raises £227,000 on Venture Giants

Venture Giants has received written confirmation that £227,000 of Angel Investment has been raised by the entrepreneurs behind Supper, an internet startup based in London.

The angel investment was raised from an investor that registered with Venture Giants in 2011 and was waiting to invest in the right technology project on Venture Giants.

Interestingly, Supper was able to close an investment deal from only receiving one investor contact.

As Tim Lancaster, Business Development Manager on Venture Giants stated: 'This is not the first success story of deals being closed from receiving only one investor contact - t
he Angel investor that made contact was a Founding member of the UK's largest and most popular online gambling network, and this only goes to show that the investment received by the entrepreneur was more than just money - its also mentorship'





From the Angel investor's own investor profile - a combination of hard work, good luck and being the right person for the job helped this investor build a small fortune in equity.

The Angel investor had dabbled in bond markets, equities, property and commodities but was interested in being involved with the establishment of other startup companies to grant others the help that he once needed during the early parts of his career.


Supper is a mobile application which offers a new solution for working professionals, working couples and families to eat nutritious home-cooked food from a chef of their choice, with all the convenience of a takeaway.

The entire team at Venture Giants wishes the team at Supper the very best.




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