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Sporting technology App raises £77,000 investment through Venture Giants. In talks for the remaining £223,000.  


Angel Investment Deal closed on Venture Giants for £77,000.00

Entrepreneur receives cheque in post 5 days later


Earlier in the year (2014) an entrepreneur successfully closed a £50K investment deal single-handedly through Venture Giants. He subsequently raised £77,000 and is seeking another £223,000 through Venture Giants.

Unlike Crowd Funding Sites - This entrepreneur that raised the funds was able to utilise it in his business and was not required to raise all of the investment he posted. Venture Giants also charged no commission on the deal, which meant a £3,850 and solicitor fees (circa £1,000) that crowd funding sites normally charge.

The entrepreneur that posted the proposal, wrote into Venture Giants, stating that after his proposal was approved and we had begun promoting it by sending it to our registered investors, the entrepreneur received two strong contact requests through Venture Giants.

The entrepreneur that posted the investment proposal had made numerous apps for mobile technology including gait analysis and a variety of sporting activities. Physiotherapy however was chosen to be the first area of focus as there is a complete absence of accurate, affordable, easy-to-use systems available to physiotherapists at this time.

The entrepreneur's app was the first body analysis tool to deliver cost-effective assessment of joint performance with live, accurate feedback.

The product was really innovative - and Venture Giants were very excited in being able to promote it to investors, as investors are always looking for great ventures to invest in.


The Investor introductions made through Venture Giants

One investor was a multimillionaire Poker Player in his mid twenties that resided in Mayfair, London fully vetted by Venture Giants. 

The other investor that contacted him was FCA Certfied
 and had a very interesting career. In fact, this investor was rather special and had previously invested in an online project with Peter Jones from Dragon's Den. The deal can be seen here, and it really is a touching story.



The investor immediately saw the potential in the Premier proposal that was posted on Venture Giants and after contact and having a meeting with the entrepreneur invested £50k within about 5 days. 

The other multimillionaire had promised to close the round with the entrepreneur however pulled out on the investment deal on the eleventh hour

Martin, the entrepreneur that posted his proposal with Venture Giants, stated:

"... overall great result so far... AM very pleased. "


The entrepreneurs, now closed can be seen here: Funding proposal

A Final word from Venture Giants.

By choosing Venture Giants this entrepreneur posted a £300,000 requirement, and raised £50,000 within 5 days. He was subsequently successful in raising another £27,000.00 through introductions made on Venture Giants.

Venture Giants is not a Crowd Funding Network as our main role is promoting your proposal to vetted business investors that can invest individually £10,000 - £1m.

Crowd Funding Networks require entrepreneurs to raise the entire amount that is being sought for your business.

Even a successful 95% fund raising campaign means that your proposal will not be funded - and that will be made publicly available for everyone to see.

The most prohibitive and cautionary point on using Crowd Funding networks are that
 entrepreneurs are not allowed to use other investment networks or crowd funding networks during their listing period. This means that you could be stuck with an individual crowd funding network for three months, so putting aside the initial investment of posting your proposal it is a serious point worth considering.

Venture Giants has a totally different and more realistic approach towards entrepreneurs looking to raise investment for their business.

Venture Giants does not charge a commission on investment raised and we encourage entrepreneurs to use as many networks as they choose (it is your business venture and idea afterall).

Compared to crowd funding networks, we spend time getting to know the investors that register to receive deal-flow through us and we do not allow all investors that register with us to use our service.

Our investors are sophisticated investors and high net worth individuals. This means that a single investor that you meet through Venture Giants can invest the entire amount of funding you are seeking or offer you a part investment.

Best of all - having an experienced investor on board, like the investor we introduced to BPM can provide the mentorship, the experience, the skin-in-the-game investment in an entrepreneur's business that could help boost the success of the venture.

Definitely something to consider when looking at other networks to post your funding proposal on.

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