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Mumpreneur closes £50,000 angel investment deal on Venture Giants for her Derbyshire Nursery  
Mumpreneur closes deal on £50,000 from investor she met through Venture Giants for her Nursery in Derbeyshire

A Mumpreneur and Teacher, Sarah Tindle, based in Derbyshire successfully raised £50,000 for her established childcare business.

Sarah has many years of experience in creative arts and dance school businesses and has RTS (registered teacher status, level 6 equivalent) and had moved out of their original village hall and community centre into her own rented building which she converted from an old village pub into a lively and modern Nursery School. Though trading successfully she required funding of £50,000 to meet the demands of her growing business and so uploaded her proposal to Venture Giants in the hopes of finding an investor that would understand her business, background, and growth prospects of her business.

She had established a brand concept for her Nurseries and Sarah was sure that her business could be expanded through opening multiple sites themselves, or by creating franchise opportunities.

Venture Giants not only found her the investment, but the investors she met through the service were all genuine and in her words “were amazing” and even the investors she chose to decline were all keen to be considered if future financing was needed by Sarah.

Here were some of the questions we asked Sarah Tindle in regards to her experience with Venture Giants, her business, and where she wanted to take her established Darcy Bunnie Franchise nursery brand in the future now that she had secured investment from an investor that she met through Venture Giant:

Q: Sarah what is your background, and what has led you to get involved with Nurseries and the care of children?  

A: My background was a professional dancer, then a dance teacher, particularly with pre-school children and then developing the pre school dance into a pre school setting and then a nursery.

Q: As a woman entrepreneur yourself - what advice would you give other women who are similar positions as yourself looking to startup their own ventures - but perhaps are a little hesitant in doing so? 

A: Just go for it! - And buy a Darcy Bunnie Franchise (Darcy Bunnie Creative Arts Nursery School) with the funding from your investor - we will guide you all the way, you don't need experience..

Q: What are your plans for the future of your business now that you have secured the investment?  

A: My investor is keen to open more settings and so we will be expanding nationally ASAP

Q: How did you find all of the investor contacts on Venture Giant? As an online based business, were you surprised or disappointed with the investors and their conduct with you? 

A: All the investors I met or spoke to were amazing and those that I did not choose were all keen to be considered if future financing was needed.  

This is very different to my experience with other Angel Websites - I had a few fakes and con merchants from them but only genuine interest from the Venture Giants angel investor leads.
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