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Mobile Gaming App receives two offers of investment - one of which is £50,000  

Taj Dhunay, Mobile App gaming creator - Splatz - receives two offers of investment, one of which was through Venture Giants

Taj Dhunay, creator of Gaming App, Splatz that has over 1,000,000 users and ranked in The Top 5 Games Apps Around The World uploaded his investment proposal for mobile gaming app funding on Venture Giants

Venture Giants in record time found him three investors leads within 1-2 days of reviewing and posting his proposal with us.
Splatz Gaming App
As Taj Dhunay, stated, the proposal itself had the potential of becoming really big and because of this received two seperate pledges of investment, one of which was for the full funding amount of £50,000.00

The idea and inspiration behind splatz was born from the fundamental need to create a very simple puzzle game.

Taj always wanted to create a simple game that had nice graphics but would be addictive to play and his inspiration came from graphics such as Angry birds, Cut the Ropes, Boom but designed the game according to what he liked.

There are a lot of areas that Gaming developers need to consider when building a gaming app in an already very competitive area, but Taj Splatz gaming App believed that focusing on addictive game play, monetization, power up, and social viralness of each game would be the key to success.

As Taj stated,

"Addictive game play, monetization, power up, and social viralness are all important factors but as the gaming fields keep changing, there is still so much for mobile app developers to constantly learn."

Venture Giants asked Taj Dhunay:

Q: Gaming Apps and funding are hot topics at the moment and more and more investors are taking this area seriously. Where do you think gaming app entrepreneurs should use the funds?

A: The funds should be used to create a new original concept of a game, marketing, and working out your ARPU. This are all very important aspects and need to be considered. If you don't know how to do these things it may be best to get someone who does as you might not know in details everything. The app gaming world is massive and takes time to get right.

 You received two offers of investment from Venture Giants. As an already successful entrepreneur yourself, how has your experience been when using other sites on the internet to find investment? 

A: We haven't had much luck with other sites. I would really recommend using Venture Giants however you do need a really good Business plan for you to be successful.

That's the advice I will give to people looking for funding.

Venture Giants is one of the best sites out there and I will certainly be using it again for Series A funding as well as other businesses we are growing.


Splatz Gaming App


The Bottom Line to this deal:

Two deals offered:
Including £50,000 Business Capital offered for Gaming App development.

Benefits of using Venture Giant:
6 months listing period
No commission on any money raised
Pay on contact business model
Unlimited investor contacts
Inclusion in Venture Giants monthly newsletter to Investors
One, transparent, listing fee that is upto ten times less our nearest competitor.

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