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Venture Giants Review: Funding deal - £500,000 raised for an established business on Venture Giants  

Venture Giants Review: investment deal for an established business:

 Angel Funding raised through Venture Giants

Railway Projects Ltd,
an Engineering Services Company that was established in 1993 won an order from London Underground to re-floor all stations on the Piccadilly Line using a revolutionary American Shane Duffyflooring product that had not yet been used in the EU before but had been extensively used and tested throughout the U.S.A.

The nature of this flooring surface was far superior to anything currently used by Transport for London & as a result TFL were very excited by it and had already begun talking with Railway Projects Ltd about rolling it out to other fleets.

The deal proposed to Transport for London was in the £millions and to secure it the company required an angel investment injection of £500,000 to meet their targets for growth which is why they chose to upload their funding requirements to Venture Giants in the hopes that they could find business angel investors that could secure them the £500,000 of working capital that they were seeking to raise

As Shane Duffy from Railway Projects Ltd commented:


"The Industry has been through a remarkable period of change as never before have all of the rail franchises been up for renewal in such a close proximity to one another.

What this has meant for RPL is that because most of the trains operated in the UK are on a lease agreement, few of our customers have been spending on refurbishments or installations. This only leaves maintenance work, which was a new area of business for RPL, however we have taken to it like a ‘duck-to-water’ and have even won maintenance contracts ahead of our much larger rivals. 
However… as an established business we found it very hard to find investors as most websites and government funded agencies are set up to help new start businesses and provide seed capital. "

Shane Duffy
Commercial Director,
Railways Projects Ltd


Shane Duffy continued

"Our business is 20 years old now and our industry has been through very tough economic conditions but we could see that things were changing and we have already had our largest ever order book for the next year. Our problem was funding these orders. 
After registering with Venture Giants, I quickly prepared a proposal and after a couple of tweaks with the help of Venture Giants my proposal was accepted and published. 

As most people would be, I was very sceptical and I fully expected to receive at least one contact request from an investor, as I knew this would be the only way the website would make money. However, I quickly realised that this was a real investor and within just a couple of days we had received contact from 4 interested investors. 

We made contact with all of the interested investors and sent out detailed information that was requested by all four of the angel investors we met through Venture Giants. This led to two investors coming to our offices in Derby to meet with us. 

I am pleased to say that immediately following the first meeting we were made an offer of investment and very quickly after agreeing terms, received an investment of £500,000.”

When Duffy was asked to answer frankly on why he chose Venture Giants and what his apprehensions were about Venture Giants, he answered rather brutally:


The reason I agreed to pay the £99 to Venture Giants was that if it was a rip off I would lose £99 but if it was not I could raise £500,000 - I felt it was worth the risk and I am glad I did.

Most of the rival sites I researched all charged a commission on any investment raised, or had some other unfavourable hidden clauses in the terms. In comparison, Venture Giants was remarkably straight forward and not one of the investor contacts I received, were not who they said they were and all were looking to invest directly in my business.

Venture Giants was worth every penny and it is the cheapest way to raise this sort of investment for an entrepreneur or small business out there.”

Shane Duffy 



Investment Venture Giant

How Venture Giants found £500,000 of Business Capital 
for this established business

Once Venture Giants receives an investment proposal from an entrepreneur or established business, they review it and where necessary offer help and guidance, free of charge.

Venture Giants claims they are qualified to do this because they have featured over 1500 investment deals from entrepreneurs all over the UK and have personally vetted over 3500 investor applications and have been responsible for raising over £1.6m for small businesses. They have even featured an investment proposal from Polaroid and they were the only investment network in the UK to get this deal

Once the investment proposal is approved, Venture Giants begins by sending it out to all of the investors on their own network that they feel would be interested in what the entrepreneur is proposing. What really differentiates Venture Giants from other angel investment networks is that they never spam their investors with random investment deals and they ALWAYS consider which proposals are best suited for which investors based upon industry type, region and investment requirement. 

The amount of investors that receive an investment proposal depends largely on what an entrepreneur is looking for but generally they send the proposal to 500 – 1000 fully vetted UK based investors. 

Uniquely, Venture Giants lists all proposal on Venture Giants for six months and continues to send the proposal out to all new investor that they approve to use their network.

The six months is a prerequisite and is required to ensure that each investment proposal has the best chances of finding investor interest.

Most remarkably on Venture Giants' business model is that an entrepreneur is only required to pay their listing fee of £99.00 after they receive an investor contact and this one off fee includes a six months listing, unlimited investor contacts and continuous promotion of the investment proposal on Venture Giants. 

Venture Giants promises that if an entrepreneur receives no investor interest then there will be no charges for using their service and is the reason that Venture Giants is the only investment network in the UK that can GUARANTEE results before taking a payment.

Venture Giants does not receive any Government support and is currently privately funded and Venture Giant's Network of Angel Investors can be seen here.


The Bottom Line to this deal:

Deal terms:
£500,000 Business Capital raised from one investor that Venture Giants found for them.

Benefits of using Venture Giant:
6 months listing period
No commission on any money raised
Pay on contact business model
Unlimited investor contacts
Inclusion in Venture Giants monthly newsletter to Investors
One, transparent, listing fee that is upto ten times less our nearest competitor.

Venture Giants is a fast and convenient way to get investment proposals out to genuine, vetted, private individuals and angel investors that are looking to invest in UK start-ups and entrepreneurs.





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