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Entrepreneur, Richard Stine raises £25,000 for his social media project.

Choosing the wrong industry sector could blow your chances of raising investment - seriously

Polaroid feature investment proposal on Venture Giants for £25m

Angel Investment vs. Venture Capital: Venture Giants explores which is really better for your business.

Investor Profiles: View over 600 online profiles on Venture Giants.

Entrepreneur raises £25k for his Social Media Project

An entrepreneur that posted his investment proposal on Venture Giants has successfully raised seed capital for his social media project, Holla@me. More remarkably, Stine Richard raised this investment and received investor contacts within just a few days of posting his proposal on Venture Giants.

Venture Giants' primary role is getting investment deals and opportunities from entrepreneurs sent out to it's own network of vetted investors and venture capitalists in a low cost streamlined fashion. We do what Linkedin and other networking sites can never do - we manually vet each and every investor. The result: over 3000 investor applications to date and only 700 - 800 investor approvals on Venture Giants - the highest decline rate in the industry.

Read the full article on how Stine Richard raised investment through Venture Giants and is now set to raise £500,000 from Venture Capitalists.

Testimonial of the month

I have closed my proposal with you due to completing today with an angel investor that you found for me on your website and I am very impressed with the response from your using your site

"Venture Giants does what It says on the Can - Quality Site that actually WORKS"

First class with investor hits starting immediately after going live - I will recommend your site to my circle of friends and family, over the moon with your professional services.

Paul Mccann successfully raised over £20,000 for his venture.

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What industry sector is your business in?

As an entrepreneur you are probably thinking that you know your sector well. Perhaps you think this article is about 'choosing' a hot investment sector and then finding a business opportunity within it? No, this is article is far more obvious and we have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs fall victim to this - simply choosing the wrong sector to place their business in when looking for investment.

Placing your business in the wrong sector will attract different types of investors with different investment agenda to yours. Example, Think Google, as an investment proposal before it was a well known brand. Now classify it's industry sector - is it based in:

A) Computers
B) Internet
D) Search Engines

Read the full article to find out why each answer would seriously affect the chances of raising investment - and you probably made the wrong choice in sector.

Should you raise Venture Capital or Angel Investment for your business idea

The real story on what Venture Capital funding really entails and why Business Angel Investment from a private investor may be a better course of action for you.

Polaroid feature investment proposal on Venture Giants

Polaroid is doing a “re-start” and the new owners are very well capitalized and approximately 75% of their revenues are from these zero ink products.

Lady Gaga has been hired to turbo-charge the marketing and the two video clips from Lady Gaga will give you an idea of what they are marketing and how important the zero ink technology is to their business.

Venture Giants is now promoting this second round of funding investment deal of £25m.


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