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Start-up raises MORE investment Capital from Angel Investors than he originally posted  




Exclusive editorial feature
Paul Mccann, Managing Director of Miracle Splat Toys & Games confirmed today that he raised more FUNDS than he originally posted on Venture Giants, stating:

"Venture Giants does what it says on the can - quality website that WORKS and can find you real angel investors for your business"

An entrepreneur that had been granted an exclusive contract with the sole rights to market a range of pocket money toys in the UK & Ireland has today confirmed that he was successful in raising MORE investment capital for his business then he originally posted on Venture Giants.




" I have closed my proposal due to completing today with an angel investor from your website and I am very impressed with the response from your using Venture Giants ... 1st class service investor contacts that started coming immediately after going live, I will recommend your site to my circle of friends and family, over the moon with your professional services. "

Paul Mccann, Managing Director,
Inta Global trading UK LTD


Paul, Mccann already had a management team in China & the UK along with a network of the toy industries best connected agents Nationwide immediately available to start taking orders however, he required an investment of £20,000 for working capital and development of the on line business to purchase the first shipment of 100,000 toys when he decided to use Venture Giants to get his investment proposal out to their growing database and network of vetted angel investors and Venture Capitalists.

Venture Giants not only has built its own network of registered business angel investors and Venture Capitalists but also has a built a streamlined deal flow filtration process to review and distribute investment deals like this one and present them to hundreds of Angel investors over a listing period that is over double to its nearest competitor. 

Venture Giants was launched in 2008 and spent almost 4 years building its' investor database and they have received over 2500 investor applications to use its service to find deals to invest in. Entrepreneurs are now now easily able to get their investment proposal promoted to this exclusive network of business angel investors.

Paul offered an initial 15% stake in his company in return for a £20,000 angel investment for working capital, however, was surprised when one of the investors that contacted him through Venture Giants offered him significantly more investment than what he had initially posted.

Paul stated that the investors that Venture Giants found for him, were all honest and most of them were offering far more than just investment capital or just money – they wanted to take a active role in his business by providing him with their own network, resources, and mentorship to his business

When Venture Giants asked Paul what problems he faced with raising investment through other angel investment networks and rival sites, he stated that that though he had used other sites, he found most of the “so-called investors” to be service providers and did not reach his expectations.

A clear advantage with Venture Giants is that it is strictly against their terms of service for service providers to contact entrepreneurs or to solicit any type of services whether they be success based or not.

As stated from Venture Giant:

'Quite simply. Venture Giants is a direct way, for an entrepreneur to post an investment proposal in a fast and convenient way, and to get that sent out to genuine, non service providing investors that are looking to invest in start-ups with their own personal funds...'


So what are Paul Mccann’s future plans with his business enterprise now that he has found angel investment through Venture Giant?


Paul stated:

“Now I have found my investor the first shipment of toys have been ordered and will arrive in the 1st week of January.


The samples for my network of agents nationwide will arrive in two weeks time ready for the launch of Miracle Splat Toys & Games to all the independent and small businesses nationwide. A national sales manager has been appointed to deal with all key accounts & blue chip companies and our website will be going live very soon.”


Paul will be at the NEC TOY FAIR In the spring to continue with their BRAND awareness campaign with a twist and their stand will be offering for the first time Deal & Deliver same day service with our goods available for collection from our Containers Outside or same/ next day delivery.

Paul Continued, “Miracle Splat Toys & Games, 
www.miraclesplattoys.com will be launched first in the UK and I am actively seeking an Irish distributors/wholesaler of their country to mirror reflect my operation with total exclusivity Multi Million Pound business waiting for someone with connections and funding in place...


Might be another one for Venture Giants' to work their magic. My company will be launched worldwide late 2013 with more exclusivity deals to be had.

Currently the Worlds largest inventor of toys is making another one of my inventions as we speak for release very soon that's all I'm allowed to say.”


You have already said enough Paul, and thank you sharing this fascinating story with us – Venture Giants and the whole team wish you nothing but the best for the future,


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