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Social Media project raises £25,000 of seed capital within just a few days of publication of his proposal on Venture Giants  


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Exclusive editorial feature
Interview with Stine Richard, Founder of Holla@me

Stine Richard, 26, successfully raised £25,000 of seed funding through Venture Giants and is now positioned to raise second-round funding of £500,000 from Venture Capitalists and private investors for his social media project, Holla@Me.



‘ I raised £25,000 and it happened within just a few days of publication of my proposal. This is just the beginning for me’
Stine Richard
Founder and Ceo, Holla@Me


Stine Richard Venture Giant


Venture Giant's primary role is getting entrepreneurs' seed and early stage investment proposals promoted to it's own network of vetted private investors, venture capitalists and angel investors and that is exactly what it did for Stine Richard when he was seeking the onceptual seed funding for his social media project from a angel investor interested in investing in infotechnology. 


Holla@Me is a new social networking service that enables users to connect and stay in touch using a variety of real life concepts and new technology.





In an interview with Venture Giants on what set Holla@me apart from the competition, Richard stated:


" …this raises the bar for social networking and it begins with the basics,”  he continued  “... just take a stroll down your street, you will almost certainly wave at someone, say hi/hello, perhaps you share a common interest, it’s done so effortlessly with friendship and everything else following from this basic interactions. Doing it online shouldn’t be any different ..."

Stine Richard
Founder and CEO, Holla@me



The service incorporates many various real life concepts like Strolling, Waving, saying Hi/Hello (Hollaring), and gestures, whilst the technology and complex algorithms allow for smart connectivity and staying in touch via the use of QR Codes generated for every user.

On mobile devices a quick scan can perform a number of actions including waving at someone or connecting with them. This QR Code can be printed/included on almost anything, an easy way for businesses looking to gain and easily interact with customers. Other notable new features include the ‘Shuffling Feeds’, Embedded Chats, and the unique Tagging functionality ensuring no tagging of users in random photos.


And what did Richard think of the angel Investor contacts that he received and the overall service of Venture Giant?



" The investors that I found through Venture Giants were very honest and reputable, people that showed a keen interest in my business and provided not just financial but professional advice where needed. In fact, previously, I used various other sites which I can say where only interested in me paying a fee after which there was nothing, no contacts, no investment and nothing happened. Venture Giants was a refreshing change to all of this "

Stine Richard
Founder and CEO, Holla@me




Sample message to Venture Giant


Now that Holla@me has secured seed investment of £25,000 enough to finish development of the first prototype of the website, Richard states:


" This is just the beginning. Holla@Me has just completed the first state of production. I will be returning to Venture Giants and will look to raise £500,000 in initial marketing funds to push this out and really commercialise the platform "

Stine Richard
Founder and CEO, Holla@me




Holla@Me began when in the autumn of 2003, Stine (then 17 years old) began developing an algorithm to create a network to enable him stay in touch with his friends, family and people around him. With no mobile device barcoding technology he went to College at the School of Law in Edgbaston, University of Birmingham in 2004 where he continued developing the algorithm adding new features until his graduation in 2007.

Over the years he worked temporary in Music & Entertainment and as a software developer making display ads which ran on sites like MySpace.

He subsequently obtained multiple seed investments from Investors including a wealthy businessman through VentureGiant, enabling him to complete Holla@Me.

It is privately owned under the company Holla Media Limited and can be accessed via www.hollatme.com



Venture Giant's primary role is get startups in front of credible, vetted angel investors in a low cost, safe environment.

Holla@me was an exceptional project, however, Stine required the technical expertise of an angel investment that understood the industry and the technical requirements which is why he chose Venture Giants to find him an investor.


Once his final draft of his investment proposal was agreed and approved, Venture Giants handpicked the tech investors, private investors and angel investors from it's own vetted network of investors and sent out Stines project to each one of them.

Venture Giants Network of vetted Angel Investors can be seen here.

Benefits of using Venture Giant:

6 months listing period
No commission on any money raised
Pay on contact business model
Unlimited investor contacts
Inclusion in Venture Giants monthly newsletter to Investors
One, transparent, listing fee that is upto ten times less our nearest competitor.



" ... 
there are a number of other service providers out there asking for relatively significant levels of upfront fees with absolutely no guarantee of success. It is incredibly difficult to assess which angel investor networks offer real value and which don’t. "

" When we considered Venture Giants, it became clear that the potential benefit clearly outweighed the low fee that was only due if they could us find us investor interest. "






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