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Online platform for the Food and Drinks sector raises £100,000 angel investment through Venture Giants  

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Interview with Gerry O'Reilly, Founder of iTradein.co that successfully raised £100,000 of angel investment through Venture Giants.

www.itradein.com a revolutionary web platform that brings together buyers and sellers in the food and drinks marketplace is a project set to send ripples across the Food and Drinks industry.

Video introduction to iTradein.co - a project set to send ripples
through the Food & Drink industry.


Entrepreneur, Gerry O'Reilly that worked in the food and drinks industry for over twelve years has confirmed that he successfully raised £100,000 of angel investment through an investor that Venture Giants found for him for his web platform that brings together buyers and sellers in a marketplace.



The Website, itradein.co due to be launched in November 2012 is being created to facilitate trading for the food and drinks industry.

The company's goal is to become the number one website for business people to connect and conduct business online, in a number of industries.

Gerry's experience includes manufacturing, retailing and as brokers in the industry had previously secured contracts with Tesco, ASDA, Spar International, Musgrave group and many others over the years.

This knowledge and experience was the foundation of the creation of the business model, Itradein.co

Gerry O'Reilly, in a recent interview stated that he had found all of the Investor contacts that he received through Venture Giants to be honest, reputable and non service providing and that was key to why he was so impressed with the service.

He continued to state that all of the angel investors that made contact with him through the Venture Giants platform were genuine and almost all of them commenced some level of engagement and follow up.

Now that he has successfully secured funding, Gerry is now looking to be launching their new trading platform in November 2012, hiring new members to their team, and moving into the next phase of our growth.


In response to what problems Gerry O'Reilly faced when trying to raise angel investment through other Angel investment networks and investor services out there:


"Well we knew early on not to waste time on banks and similar financial institutions. There are lots of angels and investment firms out there, interested in investing in start ups,  linking up with them though is difficult, so the Venture Giants platform at least gives investors the opportunity to view the potential investment and decide whether to make contact or not. This is a no-pressure situation for investors and that provides impartial results "

Gerry O'Reilly
Founder CEO, iTradein



Venture Giant's primary role is get startups in front of credible, vetted angel investors in a low cost, safe environment.

ITradein.co was an exceptional project, however, Gerry required the technical expertise of an angel investment that understood the industry and the technical requirements which is why he chose Venture Giants to find him an investor.

Once the final draft was agreed and approved, Venture Giants handpicked the tech investors, private investors and angel investors from it's own vetted network of investors and sent out Gerry's Itradein project to each one of them.

Venture Giants Network of
Angel Investors
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Benefits of using Venture Giant:
6 months listing period
No commission on any money raised
Pay on contact business model
Unlimited investor contacts
Inclusion in Venture Giants monthly newsletter to Investors
One, transparent, listing fee that is upto ten times less our nearest competitor.






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