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Film investment proposal template & ideas on how to attract film investment

If you an entrepreneur that has developed a film, or are looking to produce a film, or even are looking to write a film script in the hopes of later raising investment from private individuals or angel investors in film production then it is crucial that you attract the right kind of investor interest by writing the right kind of investment template. This article draws from our experience of featuring over 200 film investment projects and talking to highly successful film financiers registered with us on Venture Giants.

A well written film proposal should be written in third person with a very clear value proposition on how an investor could make his money back by investing in it. For example, you have filmed the total production, and have the DVD in your hand.


Now what?

How will you commercialise this? 

How will an investor make money back through this DVD?

Do you intend to distribute it?

Have you got a plan to market it using guerrilla tackets – think Blair witch and paranormal activity

So what is your gameplan with the promotion of your film project?
If you do not have one, you should get a full marketing plan ready, so that you can calculate the exact costs that are required to get your investment project of the ground.

A good film investment summary or investment proposal on Venture Giants will be a springboard towards gaining the funding for your film project and will be designed specifically to answer all of the concerns that a genuine investor will have before investing in your film project. The investment summary will be an important tool for film makers intending to raise funds as it will demonstrate in no uncertain words your plans for the future of your film, and how the funds you raise will be invested. In fact the investment summary will be a document which has been professionally prepared to meet the needs Film Financiers and Private investors.


Film Development Projects

In film development projects on Venture Giants for motion picture, television program, or radio play it is important to state that you have a full film treatment available on request and/or the Script Draft. Your Film treatment should read like a short story, except told in the present tense.

Your Venture Giants film investment summary should include:
Your Screenwriter’s Biography and also include Filmography and have a Creative Statement. Include your Producer’s Biography with links to any previous work is also an accepted standard. It is always best to upload your Trailer directly using Venture Giants Video pitch function.

Include a Synopsis of the production project and state whether you have created a Treatment of the film and whether you have a Script or not, and where it was sourced from. If it was purchased it is crucial that you state this to add credibility, and your director’s biography including Filmography. Including a Director’s Creative Statement and Producer’s Biography is important.

Spend time on your Budget requirements, and state whether you have a Detailed Financial Plan or not. A final note is to always include your Production Company’s Profile in your film investment proposal for credibility.








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