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Polaroid features proposal on Venture Giants to raise capital for new line of digital products  




Polaroid is doing a “re-start” and the new owners which include one of the first Angel investors in Skype are now seeking investment on Venture Giants to the next level to compete with other mass market products that include HP, Canon and Sony.

One of the current new owners of Polaroid has already had a very colourful business career which has included being one of the first investors in SKYPE when the business was valued at only $3m. This entrepreneur later sold his stake when SKYPE was valued at over $5billion, and as a result is now very well capitalised. The Founders have already invested a large disclosed amount (figure available upon receipt of a signed NDA) of their own capital but are now seeking further funding through co-investors.

Lady Gaga has been hired as creative Director for Polaroid with the aim of turbo-charging the marketing and the video clip below will give you an idea of what they are marketing and how important the zero ink technology is to Polaroid.





Venture Giants was approached to promote a minimum funding amount of £25m or £600k a minimum amount per investor to help further develop and launch Polaroid products onto the global arena. 

Though the amount of £25m was far above the capital available to most Angel Investors, Venture Giants’s company founder, Rishi Anand stated he was confident that he could secure the investment from Venture Giants database of Venture Capitalists and Investors; a database that took him over 3 years to build.

Zero Ink technology and the products that have been developed by Polaroid are capable of producing photographic quality prints on plain paper without the need of ink cartridges or ribbons which makes the technology a truly disruptive one.

Polaroid is one of the world's most famous brands which are only one of our channels to market as there are other industrial partners who want to get our technology into their products and they have our own branded products which are potential “game changers” in the printing market.

Approximately 75% of Polaroid's current revenues are being generated from this new range of zero ink products, and the product ranges have been fully patented and protected by Polaroid.

The brand will be launched and will be seen on Google, Facebook, You tube and Bing.


Registered investors are able to see the full investment proposal.

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