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Entrepreneur raises £900,000 through Venture Giants - Review  

Venture Giants entrepreneur raises £900,000 from a £99 listing on the Venture Giant online matching platform


This article was featured in 2009 and we have removed the name of the entrepreneur from this article as Venture Giants is a advertising and matching platform only. Venture Giants advertises entrepreneurs proposals for a one off listing fee ranging from £99 - £199. We do not charge a commission or get involved with any part of the due diligence process. Investors and entrepreneurs using the platform must carry out their own due diligence (which is in our terms) on each other before deciding to invest (or receive investment). Over and beyond listing any proposal on our platform, we do not get involved with any aspect of the deal structure or get involved with any part of the negotiations or charge any type of commission. Venture Giants role is solely to send a proposal out to self certified high net worth individuals and investors through the Venture Giants platform as advertising and we do not get involved with any dealing between entreprenur and investor.


An entrepreneur that submitted his investment proposal through Venture Giants, a website that advertises entrepreneurs proposal to investors had today confirmed that he had secured an angel investment of £900k from a listing fee of only £99 through Venture Giants.

Within 48 hours of submitting an investment proposal to Venture Giants, the entrepreneur received the interest of 10 high net worth investors from a remarkably simply investment description submitted to Venture Giants (attached below).

4 weeks later, the entrepreneur emailed us to confirm he had secured angel investment funding in the tune of £900k through his own presentation to the investors that had contacted him through Venture Giants and as a result was in a position to exchange with the Vendor's Solicitors and in a position to redevelop his 'Stately manor redevelopment' investment proposal in just 4 weeks time.

To receive this interest, Venture Giants had mailed out the investment proposal to over 500 registered investors that were interested in the entrepreneur's Investment region, investment amount and also in his industry which is property related investments. 

It was from this mail out that within 48 hours, 10 investors decided to make contact the entrepreneur to further discuss his property development proposal further. 

An employee of Venture Giants that reviewed the investment proposal stated that he had thought twice before sending it out as normally Venture Giants would require a more in-depth proposal. But the investment proposal was a compelling one, and so decided to approve it immediately. The employee of Venture Giants went onto say that the proprietary matching software employed by Venture Giants always ensured that the right angel investors would receive the right investment proposals and so it’s a win-win for both parties! Investors receive great quality investment deal flow, and entrepreneurs receive the necessary investor contacts that can turn their dreams into a reality!

But, success of the Entrepreneur Investor matching service does not stop here. As most of the Angel Investors registered to the Venture Giants Platform have already invested on average of two to three ventures already, the experience level is much higher than simply connecting entrepreneurs with a High Net worth Individual.

It is completely free for entrepreneurs to register and submit their investment proposal to Venture Giants, and once approved, Venture Giants without cost despatches the proposal out to registered investors. The investment proposal is also displayed without cost on Venture Giants’s network for investors’ to browse through.

From this information an investor can contact an entreprenur at any time to discuss the investment proposal further and it is only at this time that the entrepreneur is invited to pay their one-off listing fee of £99. 

This one off fee includes all the work that Venture Giants does to get the entrepreneur an investor contact, ALL further investor contacts as well as a six month listing period - and Venture Giants covers all industries and regions in the UK.

This business model has changed in 2018 - we now charge a one off fee for listing a proposal on Venture Giants which ranges from £99 - £199.

So why wait? Head to our entrepreneur section and turn your dreams into reality, by taking the first step with Venture Giants.




Investment Summary:

I have found a fantastic stately home for sale by a financial institution that repossessed the previous owner who went bankrupt having spent £3m on the property and clearly running out of funds. I have an offer on the property for a ridiculous 600k and have a property developer contact to finish it.


Investment Description:

I require £500k to complete the work and am looking at a conservative £1.5m profit.

I am seeking a short term (secured) bridging loan of £500k which I am prepared to pay 3% interest per month plus 10% of the profit when complete.

The full capital amount will be repaid in April and it is secured against assets of much greater value. Sadly I am in a race against time to raise funds; hence my generous terms as I do not wish to miss out on this steal of a deal.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this investment opportunity further.


Total Funding Required: £900,000.00
Min. Investment per Investor: £100,000.00
Return on Investment: 36.00% PA
Investment reason: Property
Location: Central London
Primary Industry: Property
Secondary Industry: Banking
Created On: 29/10/2009
Proposal ID: 613


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