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Funding for Property Developments in London and the UK

Venture Giants has been asked many times by property developers on the way to write a winning property development investment proposal that can actually attract significant investor interest on Venture Giants.

As an award winning investment network, we have featured over 1000 UK based Investment proposals and have sent them to investors registered to us that include investors from the Sunday Times Rich List, Property investors with over £100m under management and even foreign investors that are looking to get involved in the UK property scene. Full details of Property Investors can be seen in our investor profiles page.

This has left us uniquely positioned to really know what a property investor will want to see and ultimately which proposal on Venture Giants will get interest and which will not.

A recent example from a property developer that actually secured funding on Venture Giants and received a total of nine property investor contacts with a combined investment capital of £10.2m clearly demonstrates that simplicity is key with a very clear value proposition. 

Property development investment template

Property funding Title:
Funding for Property Renovation

Property Funding Summary:

Seeking Angel Investor(s) to acquire a derelict Manor House and return it to its former glory. Purchase & works est. £1.5m. Profit circa £1m by means of a full renovation and restoration project over one year. I can ensure a quick turnaround of project. Option of selling as a Hotel or on open market

Property Funding Description:
The Manor house was built in 1870, it was built on the site of the previous manor house which dated back to 1600's and was construction from the bricks of the original manor house. There are many original and period features in the property such as marble vestibule, central grand staircase, large coal ovens and large fireplaces.

The property has been empty for around 25 years. 30 years ago the roof started leaking. The current owner tried to fix this but made matters worse and ran out of money to finish it. Since then the roof has been leaking with most timbers rotten and some have given way including stairs, joists, floor boards and some internal doors are also rotten.

The Proposal
The project will take between 6 months to a year and cost as follows.
Current Value: £750,000
Purchase price: £300,000 to £400,000

**Cost of works to internal area: £400,000
Cost of works to roof including timbers: £75,000
Cost of rebuilding west wing: £35,000
Repair to stables: £10,000
Grounds/landscaping: £50,000
*Building extension for swimming pool and gym: £150,000
Resale value: £2,000,000 to £2,500,000
Fees from Solicitors and Estate agents: £25,000

*(not essential and could scale this down depending on size and type of structure).
** Included in this cost is a Quantity Surveyor to cut costs and help manage the project.

Expected profit: £855,000 to £1,455,000

Security to Investor
1st charge over the property valued over purchase price, money will be in joint account were I would need your signature in order to pay contractors and builders merchants. No invoice will be paid without approval of the quantity surveyor, and stage valuations will be carried out to make sure the property is on target.

What I will do to ensure quick turnaround of project
As soon as I purchase the property I will work on the resale, each room will have plumbing for ensuites, this is to give me the option of selling as a hotel and I will be discussing with hotel investors and private sales and try and negotiate an exchange very early on based on the development plan.

I will also be managing the project alongside the quantity surveyor and will be working on the carpentry in the property along side other carpenters.

I have a full team that I already been using for many years and will keep them on to cut my cost and make sure the quality finish is put in place.

I have 10 years of experience as a buy to let and commercial consultant.
Not only did I source buy to let and commercial mortgages for my clients, I also taught people how to invest, pitfalls to look for, thinking outside the box and investing in property and letting it out on a multi occupation basis.

I therefore have the knowledge and experience in this field to make an investor a great return from an otherwise secure investment.

Attention: Property Developers, Property Investors, Funding for Property developments.

Q: So how does Venture Giants work for Property Developers and what is the fee for finding property development funding from UK based Property investors?

A: Venture Giants has a range of Private Property Investors as well as Business Angel Investors that regularly use our service - all are High net worth investors and will have assets over £1m that are self-certified.

Property developers looking for funding can use our easy to use template system that allows property developers to create a one pager investment proposal in a format that our registered investors like to receive them in. 

We review all property development proposals submitted to us and if we do approve to feature and promote your property development funding proposal, we send it out to all of the property investors on our database that are interested in investing in your region and your property investment range. This starts with a send out of 200 - 500 registered investors that we have pain stakingly reviewed and approved to use our service, depending on the amount of property development funding that you are seeking.

We also send your property development funding proposal to all new investor account applications and property investor syndicates (commercial and residential) that sign up for our property deal flow Newsletter over a six month period which means that the total amount of Property investors that will read your proposal will significantly increase.

If a Property investor is interested in your proposal - he/she will contact you through Venture Giants and at that time you will be able to pay your listing fee for your proposal listing fee of £99. This is a one off fee, includes all investor contacts and will ensure that we will continue to promote your investment proposal over a six month period.

In short we do not charge unless we are successful in finding you investor interest - and further - we do not take a commision on any money raised by using our service as we are a mass deal flow service.

We take a streamlined approach to Property development deals, so we make money by reviewing and sending out 10 – 15 property investment deals everyday. No interest, means no fee - and you can always be assusred that we will never push investors to make contact unless they wish to themselves.

So why not join the thousands that have already signed up to use Venture Giant?

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