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Venture Giants meets Alli Price Mumpreneur  

Venture Giants Interview

Rishi Anand, Founder of Venture Giants met with Alli Price, a successful mumpreneur to discuss what her inspiration was in creating MotivatingMum.co.uk - a business that provides support to both start-up mums and successful established business mompreneurs through providing mentoring sessions from established business mums, opportunities, and a forum for networking and sharing ideas through lunches and brainstorm sessions.

Alli, can you start by providing us with a little information on yourself? What is your background as a mum in business (mumpreneur)?

I was initially a life coach, I am now more of a mentor, a coach, a facilitator, marketer and an introducer! I do anything that basically helps support mums in business.  

What was your motivation and inspiration behind starting: www.motivatingmum.co.uk?

I initially started Motivating Mum as a coaching business for mums but quickly realized how lonely and isolating it can be working from home with a young baby and developed my Businessmums’ Networking Lunches as a chance for mums like me to get out and meet, network and talk about something other than feeding and nappies!

The lunches soon took on a life of their own and after introducing Brainstorm in a Teacup, sessions where mums get to practically work on their business with feedback from each other, I relaunched my website to reflect the very real need for support and advice for Mumpreneurs out there.

Alli Price interview with Venture Giant What does your MotivatingMum.co.uk provide?

It provides mentoring sessions that can be booked with established businessmums, articles and features, a job and opportunities board, forum for networking and sharing ideas, information on networking lunches and brainstorm sessions (now held in Wimbledon, Chiswick and Greenwich) and sessions with myself on diary and event management.

Why do you think more and more mums are going into Business instead of simply working 9-5?

More and more mums are going into business as it allows them the flexibility of being at home with the kids and working around them, as opposed to sending them off to nursery; something that may not be financially viable or a way of life they may not choose. Mums also seem to hit a creative peak in their life when having children and many often start businesses after identifying a gap in the market that is baby or mum related. Having children also allows them the freedom to pursue dreams they may have had to put on hold before. When you don’t have children, it is hard to justify quitting a full-time paid job to pursue your dream of inventing a new type of toy, for example. As full-time work isn’t always an option after baby, this is their chance to really chase after what they’ve always wanted to do.

Do you feel that mumpreneurs can be classed only as a lifestyle entrepreneur?

In my experience, I would say that Mumpreneurs mainly fall in the category of lifestyle entrepreneur as most mums in business I know determined this path due to family commitments or a desire to make a difference in this world, with money coming second or third on their list of priorities. Saira Khan, a recent speaker at one of my lunches, first and foremost started her business Miamoo, to produce products that weren’t harmful to her baby’s skin. I run my business to help mums feel they have the support I didn’t have when I started out and to spend time with my daughter. Money comes a long way back!    

As a successful mumpreneur yourself, what advice would you give any mums or business women thinking to take a leap into the business world?

I would say be prepared to work long hours – well into the night, and make sure your family is prepared for it also. Being a mumpreneur is flexible, but if you want your business to succeed you will be working a lot when the kids are in bed or on weekends and there will be times you will sacrifice time with your husband or the family to keep things ticking along. Also, make sure you’re passionate about what you’re doing. After a hard day looking after a household, only something that incites your passions will get you on that computer rather than in front of the telly with a cup of tea! 

Why do you send ‘mums looking for business funding' to Venture Giant?

Mum’s in business are often small start-ups needing all the help they can get, for as little as possible, and being able to list their details for free ticks all the boxes! This means that their business ideas are being seen all over the UK with no initial investment and this is really the best opportunity they can get.

Alli Price can be contacted through her website: motivatingmum.co.uk.

Mumpreneurs or Mums starting in business that are looking for business funding, investment capital, or money to start their businesses can submit a proposal through Venture Giants with no upfront fees.


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