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Angel Network Investor Due Diligence  

Angel Network Investor Due Diligence 

If you are looking for a place to invest your money and see a serious return on it, becoming an Angel Investor may be for you. You invest a set amount of money to a business that is normally already established, but needs funds to help the business grow, and then see a return on your investment over time. In order to be successful in the risky market of investing in small businesses, you will need to do your due diligence. 


No matter what market you choose to invest your money into you will need to do due diligence to be sure that your investment is as secure as it can be. This does not mean that you are going to get rid of all risk in investing, but by doing due diligence, you take on a minimum of risk with that investment. Due diligence means understanding all there is to the business proposal you are considering. Angel investors do their due diligence by reading the proposal they are interested in, and then asking hard questions about it. 


You will need to research the people involved to find out if they share the same values as you, what their reputation within the industry is, and how involved the founding members are, among many more. Research the product by finding out how original it is, how the company addresses competition, and understand how it works. Research the company infrastructure to be sure that it is stable and has internal guidelines for almost every possible situation. 


Probably the most important part of due diligence is to understand the business’s financial structure. Make sure you know how the business plans on handling growth and if an actual plan is in place to control growth to be profitable. Know what projects are currently being undertaken and which projects are proposed and why those projects are being worked on. Understand the company’s plan to be profitable, what returns you can expect, and if you can remove yourself from the situation within three to five years so the company can run itself. 


To be sure that you have investigated a possible investment in the UK, read all you can on the company, but also get together with founding members, visit the company headquarters, and learn everything you can about the company. 


While performing due diligence may seem like a lot of unnecessary work, learning about your possible investment will keep you clear of unstable businesses which will allow you to see a better ROI than the average investor.






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