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Create the perfect elevator pitch for an Angel Investor  

Create the perfect elevator pitch to an Angel Investor
By Venture Giants


Let us start this article by a Q and A!

So, as an entrepreneur who is ready to discuss his/her investment proposal or invention to an Angel Investor looking to invest in early stage, seed, concept or an existing business;

How long do you think your elevator pitch should be to an Angel Investor who is serious about investing in you or your idea?

A: 30 Seconds
B: 60 Seconds
C: 5 Minutes
D: 15 Minutes
E: 1 hour

If you had indicated that your elevator pitch is anywhere between 5 minutes to 1 hour as an appropriate time for your elevator pitch to an Angel Investor, and this was part of your investment proposal - than this requires some additional consideration on your part.

If your elevator pitch is anywhere between a 30 second – 60 second pitch, than this is an appropriate time for your elevator pitch.

As the term implies, an "elevator pitch" is a powerful teaser that effectively outlines your business opportunity to a new prospective Angel Investor in the time it takes to ride the elevator with an Angel Investor!

30-60 seconds will be a great pitch and since this is designed for your initial meeting with a potential Angel Investor, you need to get every key point across in a brief and effective manner. The objective of an elevator pitch is to get a follow up meeting where the finer details will be discussed in your actual investment proposal pitch.

The following information prepared by Venture Giants will guide you in improving your winning elevator pitch: 

Is the elevator pitch concise? Can I deliver it in 30 - 60 seconds?

Remember, this is an elevator pitch.

Can everyone understand it?

Use language that appeals to the masses and avoid vocabulary overload. It's much more important that the message is clear and easily understood.   

Do the words jump off the page?

In other words, are they powerful words that grab your attention?

Does my elevator pitch create a visual image in the Angel Investors mind that makes it memorable?

Choose your words wisely to create a visual image that will leave a lasting impression.  

Is my elevator pitch unique and is it specifically targeted to the angel investor?

Does the pitch tell a good story that a prospective Angel Investor can readily identify with? This is best demonstrated with a short story that either solves a problem or deals with tragedy.

Is the elevator pitch designed with a specific outcome in mind?

Too many elevator pitches are unstructured and random because the entrepreneur has failed to think about the way he/she would like the pitch to begin and to conclude and what key points are essential. Think carefully and visualise the sixty seconds you will have in front of your Angel investor, and then plan out the entire pitch in summary form using bullet points on MS word. Shuffle them around accordingly, and then, and only then; begin to write your elevator pitch with your specific outcome in mind.

What is your desired outcome?

In this instance you are focused on getting an invitation to deliver a more detailed presentation.

Does your elevator pitch have a hook?

This is the element that literally grabs the Angel investor’s attention and captures their interest.

Venture Giants Insider Edge:

Avoid a common mistake that entrepreneurs often make which is making a sales pitch about their product or service. Stay focused, your purpose in the elevator pitch is to sell them on your business and yourself as a capable, potentially successful entrepreneur- do not only focus on the product or service!



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Written for and behalf of Venture Giants Enterprises Ltd. All rights reserved 2009



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