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Please scroll down for many more completed deals.
We have published full success stories and reviews from entrepreneurs that have successfully raised investment through Venture Giants. 

Worthy of note is that a large amount of deals have remained unpublished as entrepreneurs (or investors) have chosen to keep their investment deals confidential.

From Pages 3 onwards, we have have also provided valuable resources and articles for entrepreneurs that are looking to get their pitch and business investment ready.


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Entrepreneurs' should think long and hard before deciding to go down the investment route. Permjot Valia looks into this issue further.

When a company becomes insolvent, whether or not a shareholder and director is an employee, within the meaning of section 230 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA), for the purposes of a claim for statutory redundancy payment from the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, can be difficult to ascertain. This article actually reviews a Real life case study of a Company Director that was paid a salary to commensurate with their roles as the senior managers of the business. They did not recei

Venture Giants explores how entrepreneurs' can reduce their capital gains tax to 10%

Venture Giants discusses the changes announced in the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) regime in the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s pre-budget report are more far-reaching than has generally been understood. Who actually are the winners and losers - Business Asset owners or Non business asset owners?

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund was one of the founding members of the EBAN. Venture Giants met with Risto Kalske to discuss how the acclaimed PreSeed concept got started.

Would you be willing to invest in a software start-up from India? A property development in Bulgaria? Is investing Abroad now seriously viable for a business angel investor?

Which is better to focus on: Your own entrepreneurial creativity or investing in another's entrepreneurial creativity?

Most entrepreneurs over-value their companies in the start-up stage and either ask for more than they need, can afford or offer less shares than what is reasonable and based on real world numbers and facts. To complicate matters worse, most informal angel investors are new at this game and when an entrepreneur throws out a value for their company and shares, many will accept this because they too lack the understanding and knowledge to question this.

Venture Giants to launch online entrepreneur and investor matching service across the UK

Rishi Anand, Founder of Venture Giants met with Alli Price, a successful mumpreneur to discuss what it takes for a working mum to start-up a new business in today's economy. Alli has created a business that provides support to both start-up mums and successful established business mompreneurs through providing mentoring sessions from established business mums, opportunities, and a forum for networking and sharing ideas through lunches and brainstorm sessions.

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"I raised £100,000 on Venture Giants for my Web platform that brings together buyers and sellers in a marketplace"

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Gerry O'Reilly, Founder of iTradein.co
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