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We have published full success stories and reviews from entrepreneurs that have successfully raised investment through Venture Giants. 

Worthy of note is that a large amount of deals have remained unpublished as entrepreneurs (or investors) have chosen to keep their investment deals confidential.

From Pages 3 onwards, we have have also provided valuable resources and articles for entrepreneurs that are looking to get their pitch and business investment ready.


Angel Investor Help below

Venture Giants has compiled a small how-to-guide on meeting an investor for the first time. This guide has some fascinating facts on common mistakes that entrepreneurs have made when they first pitched their investment proposal to an investor. Watching shows like Dragons Den are only part of the story as negotiations will usually stretch out over many months, and the show though entertaining does not demonstrate the real-need of 'Solicitor-like' professionalism during negotiations. ALL entrepreneurs must learn to understand that investors are highly successful business people and most will be running several businesses. The stress placed on them on a daily basis can be massive and a lot of entrepreneurs, being business people themselves forget this very fundamental fact. So exercising patience when dealing with investors is one skill an entrepreneur will have to learn. Really fascinating reading.

If you an entrepreneur that has developed a film, or are looking to produce a film, or even are looking to write a film script in the hopes of later raising investment from private individuals or angel investors in film production then it is crucial that you attract the right kind of investor interest by writing the right kind of investment template. This article draws from our experience of featuring over 20 film investment projects and talking to highly successful film financiers registered with us on Venture Giants.

When an Angel Investor contacts you through Venture Giants to discuss your investment proposal further have you thought about what you are going to do next, and what should be said, given, and presented? Nerve racking stuff even for the most experienced entrepreneurs. Bottom Line, there is little or no point in using a Angel Investor network like Venture Giants to find you angel investors interested in investing in your business if you are NOT prepared to speak, package, present and be willing to sell your business as an investment opportunity. This article explores how you should present yourself to highly successful angel investors that contact you through Venture Giants.

What is Risk Capital and why is it important to an entrepreneur looking to raise investment from an Angel Investor? How much should an entrepreneur project as a suitable return on investment for an Angel Investor? This article explores why an Angel Investor is going to invest in your business and take on all of this risk with his capital. As an entrepreneur looking to raise start-up funds for your business it is important to remember that Angel Investment is Risk Capital and the only reason you are going to be able to raise it is if you can convince an Angel Investor that he is going to make a very high reward by investing in you and you are not going to raise an investment JUST because an angel investor loves your product or service.

Technology companies are growing; we see it with British companies throughout, Arm holdings, Sage, and Autonomy are prime examples of muscular companies in the UK that are exploding in growth, but this is also being reflected with start-up technology companies that have serious growth prospects. I hear more optimism from tech start-ups on the UK economy then I do from the media. Since Venture Giants was launched in the third quarter of 2008, the online Angel Investors network has gone from strength to strength and has featured over 1000 Investment proposals from UK businesses that are seeking to get in touch with these high calibre investors and more and more technology projects that have real growth potential are approaching Venture Giants in spite of what the current GDP figures the UK may suggest.

When is the ideal time to start looking for angel investors? This angel investor article explores when an entrepreneur will have the maximum chances of attracting business angel investment and when the ideal time is to start approaching and having conversations with investors. Even if you are investor-ready now and can demonstrate the return on investment that an angel investor can receive by investing in you, assuming that you will attract angel funding after a just a couple of meetings can be a fatal business mistake. Find out why by reading this angel investor article.

You have come to Venture Giants to meet Angel investors, but, this article may throw a spanner in the works! We explore whether your business idea or early stage investment actually requires an investment from an Angel Investor. Surprisingly, most UK businesses do not really actually need external investment or funding, and this article explores the other options available to entrepreneurs for raising investment, including the pros and cons of self-funding your own start-up and the pitfalls of raising business capital through loans and credit cards. This article also addresses established trading businesses and the age old dilemma of whether it is better to save and reinvest all profits back into the expansion and growth of the business or to raise angel investment from angel Investors in exchange for your sweat equity.

Funding for Property Developments in London and the UK - Venture Giants has been asked many times on the methods employed on writing a winning property development investment proposal. We have enclosed a sample investment proposal below that has received a lot of attention on our Angel Investment network in the field of raising finance for property: Attention: Property Developers, Property Investors, Funding for Property developments

Angel investor – Entrepreneur Alert: Most Angel Investors will want to know the rationale supporting your claims. It's extremely important that the entrepreneur demonstrates a clear understanding of the size and scope of the industry in which they are focused. How do your projections compare with the yearly revenues and overall growth forecasted by the industry experts?

It's important to consider the fact that most angel investors prefer to invest in industries that they have considerable knowledge and experience in. Angel Investors who interacted with their invested companies at least a couple of times a month experienced greater results. Interaction could be in the form of mentoring, coaching, overseeing and monitoring performance as well as providing leads.

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