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Please scroll down for many more completed deals.
We have published full success stories and reviews from entrepreneurs that have successfully raised investment through Venture Giants. 

Worthy of note is that a large amount of deals have remained unpublished as entrepreneurs (or investors) have chosen to keep their investment deals confidential.

From Pages 3 onwards, we have have also provided valuable resources and articles for entrepreneurs that are looking to get their pitch and business investment ready.


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An entrepreneur that had been granted an exclusive contract with the sole rights to market a range of pocket money toys in the UK & Ireland has today confirmed that he was successful in raising MORE than the amount of investment capital for his business that he posted on Venture Giants. Venture Giants was launched in 2008 and has spent the last 5 years building its' investor database. Entrepreneurs are now now easily able to get their investment proposal promoted to this exclusive network of business angel investors and this is YET another Startup's success story that Venture Giants has been responsible for.

An established business that had already raised over £600,000 investment through another crowd funding site approached Venture Giants to raise an additional £200,000.00. Find out what Venture Giants was able to do to get this venture funded.

A technology app that was designed towards physiotherapy successfully raised £77,000 investment through Venture Giants within 5 days of posting his proposal. What was most remarkable is that the entrepreneurs received the cheque in the post on the seventh day. He is now in talks to try to raise the remaining £250,000 from another investor Venture Giants introduced. The mobile app was revolutionary as there is a complete absence of accurate, affordable, easy-to-use systems available to physiotherapists at this time.

An Agro entrepreneur, who is also a Farmer himself, based in Devon closed a £55,000 angel investment deal on Venture Giants to launch a leading online marketplace for the agricultural industry. The entrepreneur has now returned to Venture Giants looking to raise his second round of funding for £85,000.

An Angel Investor that has invested in two other ventures listed with Venture Giants has confirmed that he has closed another investment deal with another entrepreneur on Venture Giants, and he is still on the look out for further investment opportunities.

Venture Giants has received written confirmation that Angel Investment has been raised by an entrepreneur that posted an eCommerce project involved with the sale of ethically sourced shoes. The opportunity offered the right kind of investor the opportunity of investing in an exciting niche growth market with an eCommerce manufacturer / retailer that benefited from low operating costs, excellent eCommerce resources and a management team with direct experience and proven track record in the industry and market. Find out how Venture Giants found the right investor that invested in this exciting Venture.

Interview with Callum Mclean, a tech entrepreneur that successfully raised £120,000 of angel investment by using Venture Giants to find him an Angel investor. London.com is a Major project for the tourism industry in the UK as the website will be aimed at millions of visitors thinking to visit London and will provide them with information on events, restaurants, transport, accommodation, and attractions in the city and it's surrounding areas. Experts state that if the website provides enough information to visitors, the service could well provide a boost for the tourism sector in the UK just from teeh high profile nature of the domain name.

Polaroid is doing a “re-start” and the new owners are very well capitalized and approximately 75% of their revenues are from these zero ink products. Lady Gaga has been hired to turbo-charge the marketing and these two clips below will give you an idea of what they are marketing and how important the zero ink technology is to their business. Venture Giants is now promoting this second round of funding investment deal of £25m.

Reviews of Venture Giants have been featured extensively in Bloomberg Business Week, the Sunday Telegraph, Yahoo Finance and PR Newswire. Venture Giants has been successful in raising over £1.6m for UK startups - Commission free.

City A.M. London's business-focused newspaper with a daily distribution of 110,000 a day quoted that '...the best place to find angel Investors is to look up the local angel network in your region. Some established networks include the British Business Angel Association, Venture Giants and the private investors’ unit of Vestra Wealth, which all exist to share knowledge and filter pitches from entrepreneurs.'

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"All the investors I met through Venture Giants were amazing and the investors I turned down were all keen to be considered if future financing was needed"

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Sarah Tindle, Woman Entrepreneur, Derbyshire, Closed £50,000 investment deal through Venture Giants
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