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Please scroll down for many more completed deals.
We have published full success stories and reviews from entrepreneurs that have successfully raised investment through Venture Giants. 

Worthy of note is that a large amount of deals have remained unpublished as entrepreneurs (or investors) have chosen to keep their investment deals confidential.

From Pages 3 onwards, we have have also provided valuable resources and articles for entrepreneurs that are looking to get their pitch and business investment ready.


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A tech project set to send ripples across the Food and Drinks industry has confirmed that they successfully raised an angel investment of £100,000 (angel funding) through Venture Giants for their web platform that brings together buyers and sellers in a marketplace. The Entrepreneur that raised the angel funding has extensive experience in the food and drinks industry for over twelve years. The company's goal is to become the number one website for business people to connect and conduct business online, in a number of industries and they are set and rearing to go on this as they have secured the necessary angel funding.

A Property developer with a Real Estate Development Project in Dulwich has raised £250,000 of Property development funding through registered investors that contacted him through Venture Giants. The investors are now looking to invest a further £100,000 into the project. A clear exit was placed for investors within only 10 months, offering an annualised ROI of 27%. The Property Funding proposal was a residential property development project where the site had already been identified and an offer accepted. Impressive property deal completed through Venture Giants.

A film Producer has successfully raised over 30% of the film funds that he required for his film production from a private investor that Venture Giants found for him. The Writer and Director based in London owns and operates a small film production company that produces micro and low-budget films for domestic and international distribution. Venture Giants was the first place he had tried when trying to raise investment for his film production and had not raised any funds prior to this as most of his productions had been self-funded.

Venture Giants met with Nathan Kinch, CEO and Founder of sportperformanceaccelator.com to find out more on his entrepreneurial journey so far, his frustrations of raising angel investment, and how he found and used Venture Giants to raise over £45,000 from an angel investor that he felt was a better fit to his business over an existing private firm that was ready to cut him.

An entrepreneur that posted her investment proposal has today confirmed that she raised the funding through an introduction made on Venture Giants, and through only ONE investor contact. As stated, she confirmed that the contact made on Venture Giants was to her dream investor and to an investor that understood her industry and could provide more than funding - but also mentorship and experience

A mobile gaming app developer has today confirmed that he has received two offers of investment from investors that he met through Venture Giants, one of which was for £50,000 the exact amount of funding that he posted. The Gaming App developer stated that he had not had much luck with other investment networks and would "really" recommend Venture Giants to other entrepreneurs and gaming app developers.

A Mumpreneur based in Derbyshire closed an investment deal on Venture Giants for her established Nursery which she is now set to Franchise out. She also stated that all of the angel investors she met or spoke to on Venture Giants were amazing and the investors that she "turned down" were all keen to be considered if future financing was needed. This experience was very different to her experience with other Angel Websites as she had a few fakes and con merchants from other services but only, real, genuine interest from the Venture Giants angel investor leads.

An entrepreneur that uploaded his investment proposal to Venture Giants today confirmed that he had successfully raised £900,000 from his £99 listing on Venture Giants. The entrepreneur involved in property development submitted his investment proposal to Venture Giants and received 10 contact requests from investors in the space of 48 hours. Following these contact requests he was able to successfully secure angel investment funding of £900,000 within four weeks from his remarkably simple investment description that was submitted to investors through Venture Giants. Read the Property Development Investment proposal here.

An entrepreneur that posted his investment proposal on Venture Giants has successfully raised seed capital for his social media project, Holla@me within a few days of posting his proposal on Venture Giants. Venture Giants's primary role is getting entrepreneurs' seed and early stage investment proposals promoted to it's own network of vetted private investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors, and that is exactly what it did for Stine Richard, when he was looking for conceptual seed funding for his social media project. Because of this seed Capital infusion, Stine is now set to raise £500,000 from Venture Capitalists. Find out more.

An entrepreneur that had been granted an exclusive contract with the sole rights to market a range of pocket money toys in the UK & Ireland has today confirmed that he was successful in raising MORE than the amount of investment capital for his business that he posted on Venture Giants. Venture Giants was launched in 2008 and has spent the last 5 years building its' investor database. Entrepreneurs are now now easily able to get their investment proposal promoted to this exclusive network of business angel investors and this is YET another Startup's success story that Venture Giants has been responsible for.

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