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Q: Why Venture Giants over Crowd Funding networks
or other investor networks?

  • Transparent pricing model
    Venture Giants does not charge you or your investor any commission on any funds that you raise on our network. This means that you can save upto £7,500 in commission fees for every £100,000 you raise through Venture Giants as other networks will charge upto 7.5% including legal fees for deals completed. 

  • We do not charge investors a percentage of your future profits
    Some crowd funding networks will charge your investor's a 7.5% commission on all of your future business profits. Venture Giants does not charge a commission on any deals consummated through our network.

  • Your Proposal is kept Confidential
    Only approved investors that have been vetted can view it

    With Crowd funding networks, your business venture is open to scrutiny from unsophisticated investors. All of Venture Giants' investor's are vetted and certified as high net worth or sophisticated investors. This also means that we protect your proposal from exposure to unverified users.
  • Deal and Raise investment from one or two investor contacts, not hundreds of people
    With Venture Giants, we will send your proposal to hundreds of investors that we have vetted and we will do all of the running around to find you an interested investor from our own network.

    Users of Crowd Funding networks will scrutinise your business, asking you hundreds of questions, that everyone else can view. With Venture Giants, you will be able to get in touch with one or two investors that can add real value to their business.

  • We don't LOCK your proposal in with us
    As an entrepreneur you must be free to be able to do what is best for your business. Some crowd funding networks will actually lock your proposal in with them for your listing period, meaning that they can sue you if you list with another network. With Venture Giants we have no such lock in or clauses. We are very transparent on this.

  • Real Mentorship from Real investors 
    A sophisticated, high net worth investor that is investing £50,000+ in your business will ALWAYS be able to provide you with REAL experience, access to their contacts, and mentorship that will really assist you in building your business into a profitable venture.

    Meeting an investor through Venture Giants leaves you to negotiate the best possible investment terms for your business without having an intermediatry between both parties. Further, as we are not involved in the deal structure between both parties we can also keep our fees low for entrepreneurs like yourself.

Q: What is the Pricing model of Venture Giant? 

A: Please click here for our Pricing of Venture Giants



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Q: How we can find you angel investors that are interested in investing in your business or investment proposal:

Video answer:


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Q: What does Venture Giants do exactly?

If you are searching for investment to establish your company, develop an idea or grow your existing business but are having trouble finding angel investors that are looking to invest in your start-up or established business then Venture Giants is the place for you. 

Upload your investment proposal to Venture Giants and we will send it out to our network of hundreds of vetted private investors and angel investors. For our full pricing model, please see below.

Video answer:


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Q: What type of Investors use Venture Giants & what types of investments are they looking to invest in?
The best way to show you the types of investors that we have access to, is to show you. Please click on the button below, 'What investors use Venture Giants' to see a comprehensive list on the investors that we will be sending and promoting your proposal to.

What investors use Venture Giant?

Venture Giants has hundreds of self accredited high net worth individuals, Private investors, individual Venture Capitalists, and Venture Capital firms registered to us right now, actively seeking to invest into bright talented investor-ready entrepreneurs that require seed capital for start-ups or even growth capital for existing profitable established mature businesses. 

Further, we have a range of angel investors, Angel investment groups, and angel syndicates all subscribing to investment deal flow from Venture Giants all waiting to hear from you.

We do not approve all of the investors that signup to use our service (more on this below). In fact, we have strict checks in place and we have one of the highest decline rates in the Industry of Investors that are signing up to use our service. Please click on the link below to see what types of investors use Venture Giants and the types of investors that we will be sending your investment proposal out to.

View the Video answer on this: 



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Q: How do I know that the investors using your service are real Angel Investors?

When we are asked this question, we understand how valid and serious of a concern it is and realise its significance. Firstly we have gone through great efforts to build our database of Investors (more on that below) and as you will see from our featured angel investors most of our angel investors have already invested in 2 - 4 angel investment proposals already, so the audience that will be reviewing your investment proposal are very high calibre.

Secondly, we are an openly registered UK Ltd company and you can easily find out who we are and that we are a legitimate company. 

Our reputation is important to us and we always do our very best to ensure that every investor that we approve to use our service is who they say they are and is seriously looking to invest in various stage companies. In fact, we have a comprehensive checklist to carry out before we approve an investor to  use our service (more on this below).
Please note however that although we guarantee legitimate contact with real investors, we cannot guarantee that they will invest in your business, this part is up to you!

Watch the video explanation of this:



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Q: What are your Success Stories or Case Studies of Venture Giant?

We have raised over £3.8m for Start-ups and we have documented some of these Success Stories in our News Channel.

We have actually completed many many more investment deals through Venture Giants, however, some entrepreneurs have asked us to excercise confidentiality and we have always respected the wishes of our users.


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Q: What is your Pricing? What is your Fee Structure? How much is your service and when do I pay?

Please click here to see the Pricing of Venture Giants (OPENS IN NEW WINDOW).

Venture Giant's fee for listing your proposal depends largely on your investment amount that you are seeking to raise and your industry sector as we recognise that each proposal has different requirements.

We do not approve all investment proposals that are submitted to us, which is why we review proposals without charge before deciding if we feel if your proposal is right for us. 

Only if it meets our criteria will we approve your proposal which also acts as your formal instruction for us to start promoting your proposal in front of our Business Angel Investors.

Your listing fee with
 Venture Giants is a one off fee and there are NO further charges.
When looking at all of your options out there for raising investment it is important to recognise that we do not charge a commission on any money raised nor do we take an equity stake on any strategic partnerships that you may form by using our service or from the investor contacts you meet.

We also allow you to set your own terms during negotiations with the investors that contact you on Venture Giants as we have no vested interest on closing a deal and receiving a commission. This means that you free to set the best possible terms for your business without having us as middlemen and this also allows us to keep our fees low for entrepreneurs.


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Q: Do you allow agents or brokers or middlemen to act as an investor on Venture Giant?

- AND/OR -

Q: Can an investor on Venture Giants ever ask me for a fee in return for angel investment?

Absolutely NOT and this is something we take very seriously. 

Venture Giants provides you with a direct link to real investors, venture capitalists and venture capital firms, not any to brokers or kind of middle men. Investors from Venture Giants that contact you in regards to your investment proposal on Venture Giants are not allowed to ask for any type of fee, whether it be success based or not. 

We also protect you by always monitoring investor activity and also take the feedback from entrepreneurs very seriously.

We have numerous amounts of testimonials and reviews of Venture Giants that users have provided to ensure against this.  

We also have incorporated various safeguards in place to ensure that an investor can not simply sign-up and contact entrepreneurs and we can assure you that this will never be an issue on Venture Giants.


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Q: What checks does Venture Giants take to confirm the status of investors?

Venture Giants has hundreds of self accredited high net worth individuals, individual Venture Capitalists, and Venture Capital firms registered to us right now, actively seeking to invest into seed capital for leading edge start-ups to growth capital for profitable established mature businesses. Further, we have a range of angel Investors, Angel investment groups, and angel syndicates all subscribing to investment deal flow from Venture Giants.

We have gone through great lengths to build our investor database and advertised with and spent tens of thousands of pounds on sites like Digital Look (owned by CMC markets) targeting shareholders who have an average share portfolio of £250K. It has taken a while to build up our database.

Investors that we have approved to use Venture Giants can be seen on: Angel Investors and these are the profiles of investors that we have gathered during our investor certification process. We strictly do not operate an online community (like a social network) nor do we operate an unmoderated forum. 

Only 40 - 50% of investment proposals that we approve on Venture Giants will actually receive one or more investor contacts, so even though other networks may boast about being able to get you 15 random leads, we concentrate on getting you the one or two genuine investors that have read your investment proposition and are genuinely interested in investing in you. 

Further, it is not uncommon for some approved investors to only make contact with one or two entrepreneurs per year through Venture Giants and this is another testament that our screening process does work and how valuable receiving an investor contact on Venture Giants can be.

To be approved on Venture Giants as an investor, all investors must first agree and attest to satisfying at least one of the following two statements in order to use our service: a statement for Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor or a statement for Certified High Net Worth Individual and they must satisfy the criteria set forth. 

We review their request for self certification and look at a variety of factors which can include actually calling and talking to the investor and discussing what types of investments he/she is seeking. If we are unsatisfied we request Proof of ID, Proof of address, and even proof of funds depending on how satisfied we are with the information the investor has provided. We have even been in the press on our screening process and the article can be seen here: Best angel investor networks. Other networks may boast of thousands of investors but the bottom line is that Venture Giants has one of the highest investor decline rates in the industry of over 60%.


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Q: Do I have to pay any extra charges on top of the listing fee for my proposal?


We only charge the fees listed in our pricing page and we provide you with the opportunity of meeting with real investors that have expressed specific interest in your investment proposal. The real task of raising investment will rest upon your investment proposal, your pitch, and of course yourself as a credible, backable entrepreneur. Our main role is promoting and getting your investment proposal sent out to hundreds of Angel investors and finding you investor interest.



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Q: Can I upload Investment documents in PowerPoint, PDF or Excel format with my proposal on Venture Giants?

We understand that some investment proposals require non-confidential graphical prospectuses uploaded alongside their text based investment proposals.

We offer entrepreneurs a Premier listing feature that allows entrepreneurs like yourself to upload Power point documents, PDF's and even Video Pitches (Public Youtube link or Non-public video files) for investors to view.

Premier listed proposals can also include company logos (with links to your website) to be featured on the investment proposal and only registered investors are able to login and view these attachments.

As always, we always recommend not uploading your full business plan with your investment summary - instead to await recieving confirmed investor interest and then to initiate the process by sending an NDA before sending over your full business plan to the individual investor that has contacted you through Venture Giants.

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Q: Can I pay Venture Giants a fee after I have met the investor that has contacted me and I have raised the money my business is seeking?

Venture Giant's primary role is to promote your investment proposal and to send it to our growing database of investors and syndicates and we are a volume based deal-flow service

If we were to charge a small listing fee after we found you investor interest and after you had raised investment, we would have to charge a much higher upfront fee and also charge a percentage on the money you raised which would be in the region of 5 - 12.5% of money raised using our service.

There are many rival investor networks that will comfortably charge you upto £800 upfront - and that is even before they have found you an interested investor. This is why the business model of Venture Giants is so unique for entrepreneurs like yourself.

It is worth noting that a large proportion of investment proposals that we feature on Venture Giants will NOT receive a single investor contact in spite of us promoting it and getting it out there and we do charge these entrepreneurs a listing fee. 

On the other hand some entrepreneurs will receive multiple investor contacts over their listing period with us and we include unimited investor contacts in our proposal listing fee - so if you have a really good opportunity for investors then you can really take advantage of what Venture Giants offers as there is no limit to the quantity of investors that your investment proposal can attract.

It is important to note that Venture Giants never pushes investors to make contact - instead we present your investment proposal to them and it is always upto them individually to make contact with you or not.

Some investors that we approve to use our service will never make a single contact request as they are unable to find a proposal that interests them, and some investors only make contact with 2 - 3 entrepreneurs per year inspite of us sending them hundreds and hundreds of proposals.


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Q: How is my Idea protected with you?

This is a very serious question and one we take seriously.
Firstly we will never display your entire business plan to an Investor. Instead we will only display a snapshot or summary of your business idea to our business investor community.

By keeping our Entrepreneurs’ investment summaries brief we have found that this provides a sufficient safe guard of protecting the execution of your idea and this is the main part of any business idea that must be protected. 

Remember Venture Giants is NOT an ‘open-forum’ and
we only accept executive type investment summaries from entrepreneurs. It is important to note that as a product Inventor or entrepreneur, it is fundamentally the execution of the idea that must be protected. So as an analogy - you may not be able to protect or patent the concept of a ‘Pizza’, but you would want to protect and patent the execution of it, i.e. the ingredients and the process in which it is made and cooked.

This is why Venture Giants only sends executive type summaries (1000-characters long) to investors and the reason why we will NEVER ask entrepreneurs’ to display their entire business plan. 

View the video explanation of how Venture Giants prevents other people from copying your ideas:



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Q: But my business idea is a really simple one, and it can be copied very easily. How would you protect me from someone stealing my idea?

These ideas are called one liners and this is where a business idea can be summed up in a single line, and is very easy to replicate. An example of an one liner innovative idea that could be copied easily is the Rechargable AA battery that is recharged through the USB port of any computer.

In this particular case, it is agreed that it would be remiss on an entrepreneur's side to state in their Venture Giants investment summary: "I have created a battery that can be recharged via the usb port of your laptop and can be used in any AA battery powered appliance.”

Instead, we would recommend an entrepreneur create a more diligent way to address the investment summary by addressing information on the industry, the demographic customer you are targeting and the problem you are solving. So in this example:
‘The Rechargable Battery industry is a £40 billion global industry and growing every year. The product that I have developed uses a completely different source of power and is something that any UK or Global household can recharge without using any of the traditional sources of power that consumers are used to using.’ ... and continue on to say: I will disclose all details of my business plan, once I am comfortable with the investor, and have signed an NDA (note to entrepreneur: this is strictly an example of how you would protect your idea on Venture Giants and must not be relied upon).
From our experience, credible Investors’, that are serious about investing, will only need a brief snapshot or executive summary of your idea or investment proposal before deciding on whether or not they wish to contact you to discuss your plan further, and this is the reason, Venture Giants will never ask an entrepreneur to upload their ENTIRE business plan to us as we recognise how valuable, confidential and sensitive these documents are.



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Q: How has Venture Giants built up it's Angel investor database?

Venture Giants has hundreds of self accredited high net worth individuals, individual Venture Capitalists, Venture Capital firms, and Individual Angel Investors registered to us right now actively seeking to invest into seed capital for leading edge start-ups to growth capital for profitable established mature businesses. Further, we have a range of Angel Investors, Angel investment groups, and angel syndicates all subscribing to investment deal flow from Venture Giants.

We have gone through great lengths to build our angel investor database and advertised and spent tens of thousands of pounds on sites like Digital Look (owned by CMC markets) targeting shareholders who have an average share portfolio of £250K. It has taken a while to build up our database. Building a database and grooming a database of HNWI’s is an expensive process, and we have steadily grown and groomed our database.

We signed a Joint Venture deal with First Tuesday (in 2011) which services the needs of established technology entrepreneurs and companies seeking venture capital, angel investors and related service providers. Founded in 1998, they now have 38,000 members and over 10 branches across Europe. This was a really big deal for Venture Giants, and allowed us to bolster Venture Giants’s Angel investor database.

The goal of Venture Giants is to create the Worlds largest Entrepreneur angel investment network. Angel investment has traditionally been seen as a local proposition, i.e. an angel investor would only usually invest in his/her chosen city or country. But with the constant evolution of communication technology we are seeing the landscape of angel investing changing, and we want to ride this wave as more and more investors seek to invest internationally.



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Q: How many investors have invested on Venture Giant?

We have funded many deals through Venture Giants, many of which can be seen in our News Channel and many of which are not publicised as the entrepreneur and/or investor have specifically asked to keep the details confidential.

The majority of our registered investors have already invested in two to three businesses (as you may have seen on our investor profile pages) - and are highly experienced business people.  Other investors in the £200m+ net worth mark tend to agree that 'the money is there - but - it's about finding the right people to invest into!'

As you may appreciate - angel investing is a human proposition, and the results vary drastically from person to person and how an angel investment deal will end will ultimately come down to your experience, your proposal, and your investor-readiness as an entrepreneur. 

We guarantee to get your investment proposition sent out and promoted to real vetted investors, private investors, high net worth individuals, individual Venture Capitalists that are registered to us right now and we never push an investor to make contact with you. It is always upto the investors that receive the deals to make contact or not with you as it is ultimately upto them if they are interested in investing in your proposal.

The real value of Venture Giants to entrepreneurs is that we are able to promote your investment proposal to potentially thousands of investors over a listing period greater than our competitors and from there you will receive investor contacts from real genuine vetted individuals that are contacting you through their own accord, and because they are interested in investing in you.

We charge no commission on any money raised.



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Q: How do I upload an Investment proposal to Venture Giant?

It will only take you two simple steps to create your investment proposal and get it sent out to hundreds of UK based investors on Venture Giants today. View the Video Introduction on how easy it is to get your proposal out there on Venture Giant:

Step 1: Your Investment Summary
Create your investment summary using our template or copy and paste your executive summary from your existing business plan, amending it slightly to cover the basics of your proposal in no more than 2500 characters or approximately one page. 
Fill in all of the investment figures to Venture Giants' questions for example the amount you wish to raise, the return on investment figures an investor can expect to receive etc. and click the submit button and leave the rest to us.

We will then review it free of charge, and offer you vaulable feedback if necessary. If it is upto the standards that we require for it to be featured, then we will approve it, and you can then pay your proposal checking fee and formally instruct us to begin promoting your proposal.

Step 2: Upload a Video Pitch free of charge (optional)
Maximize your business plan potential by filming your own video presentation in a digital format and uploading it directly onto your proposal. This promotional tool is also especially useful if you are trying to raise investment for a particular product that requires a visual presentation of it and is hard to describe in the written medium.
Your presentation can also point out individual aspects of your product whilst you describe the financial projections directly to an interested third party.
Even Entrepreneurs seeking to raise working capital or funds to expand their existing business can visually film their business in operation, ensuring that Investors can understand exactly what you are proposing first hand without requiring them to make an onsite visit to determine whether they are interested in you or not.
Uploading your video onto Venture Giants can also reassure a potential investor of your credibility by visually demonstrating your individual character and creativeness behind your business proposal. Click
here for more info on the benefits of uploading a video pitch.

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Q: If I want to submit more than one proposal; do I need to pay a separate listing fee for each and every proposal?

If you wish to submit more than one proposal with Venture Giants, you can do this with the same registration login details and our system allows you to submit multiple investment proposals. It is free to submit as many investment proposals to us as you like.



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Q: How long does it take Venturegiants.com to review my proposal?

We aim to review your investment proposal within 48 Working hours from you submitting it. However, it is not uncommon for this process to take 5 - 7 days.

If you opt for a Premier Listing then we aim to review it within 24 Working Hours.

It all depends on the amount of investment proposal submissions we receive as we have strict guidelines over the amount of deal-flow and investment deals that we can send out to Investors in any given day. Sometimes, we may receive a cancellation request from despatch, and we will then organise that delivery slot to be allocated to the next submitted and approved proposal. Entrepreneurs using our service will always receive a courtesy email confirmation as soon as your proposal is approved and is live on the Venture Giants network.



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Q: How will Venture Giants get me an investor contact? Will you just post my proposal on your website and hope that I get the investor contacts?

We are very pro-active in what we do and with all of the investment proposals we receive from entrepreneurs. Once you have registered, our easy to use template will get us your investment proposal for review. 

If for whatever reason your investment proposal is not satisfactory, we will always offer help and guidance to get it to a standard that we feel will help you increase your chances of attracting investor interest.

If it is up to a satisfactory standard, and meets our criteria, as well as posting your investment proposal on the Venture Giants network - we will also send your investment proposal out to every single investor that has an interest in investing in your industry/sector, investment range and region

We will never mass-spam your investment proposal to our investor database as it simply is not in our interest to do this as the investors will quickly close their accounts with us! 

Instead, we prefer to listen to every investor's investment requirements and ask them questions like what they are interested in investing in, and the most revealing question - what they are not looking to invest into. 

From this information we build an investor profile, and if we feel that your investment proposal would serve their interests - we send it to them. If we do not feel it will be of interest, we do not send your proposal to them. Simple, and we have found this works best for all parties. 

When an interesting investment proposal does come up - we also pick up the phone and ring around to make sure that the right investors have received the investment proposal and we can then gauge their interest. If it is of interest to them for the purposes of investment, they make contact!



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Q: The investor that contacted me on Venture Giants - their profile seems weak. 

Venture Giants is not a social media website where users can just upload a "profile" and start contacting entrepreneurs. Every investor that we approve to use our service is looked over and we summarise their investor profile based solely on the conversations we have had with the Investor. If there is limited information published on Venture Giants there will be a good reason for it and more often than not the Investor will usually wish for certain information to be kept confidential and this is totally understandable. However though we may not publish this information, Venture Giants will always try to ensure that the investor is who he says he or she is including where necessary requesting proof of ID and proof of address. In regards to your listing fee - all we ask is that as a matter of courtesy entrepreneurs just keep us informed. It can be quite an issue when an Investor shows interest and an entrepreneur does not respond back to an investor's contact request for a meeting. So as a courtesy, we always ask to be kept informed.


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Q: How else will you promote my investment proposal on Venture Giants?

Everyday, we have new investors that we approve to use Venture Giants. If we feel that their investment requirements matches what you are offering, we email them your investment proposal on your behalf. 

We have found that this is highly effective and ensures that your investment proposal is constantly promoted over the listing period based on your proposal listing.


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Q: How many investors will you SEND my investment proposal to? 

The amount of investors receiving your investment summary will largely depend on your industry type, region and investment requirement. Some industries are ‘hot’ at the moment and for that reason we will have more investors looking to invest in a certain sector. Broad strokes, we intend to send your investment proposal out to approx. 200 - 500 active UK investors as soon as we place it live on Venture Giants. 

This amount will significantly increase during your listing period of your investment proposal because: 

1) We will email your investment proposal to all new investor applications that we approve on Venture Giants. This keeps your investment proposal fresh and ensures that the most amount of active investors read your proposal when they are actively searching for new investment proposals.

2) Angel Syndicate groups (Investment capital pooled from tens or even hundreds of angel investors) will also be receiving your investment proposal from Venture Giants which means that your exposure will be increased drastically.



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Q: Can I attract multiple investors on Venture Giants like Crowd Funding Sites?

With Venture Giants our main motive is getting you in touch with real angel investors that can provide you with the mentorship and experience to get your business to the next level. So instead of simply bundling large amounts of random peoples' money together, Venture Giants allows entrepreneurs to seek to raise 'minimum investment amounts per investor'. This allows entrepreneurs that are seeking to raise large investment amounts to split the amounts between individual investors. As an example, a single £500k investment may not appeal to most angel investors, however, Venture Giants, allows entrepreneurs to advertise a £100k investment per investor, which means that a potential syndication can be organised - with the entrepreneur potentially raising £100k from each investor. 

There is one advantage that you may or may not have picked up from doing it this way. Namely as the said investors that contact you through Venture Giants will not know each other, an entrepreneur can easily gain a lot of credibility if for example £300k of capital had already been raised and you were now in the position to be seeking to raise the other £200k from the remaining investor contacts on Venture Giants. Advertsing a lower investment amount per investor also ensures that more investors will receive and read your proposal.

Q: If I am a chartered accountant or Financial Advisor can I register on your site to post investment opportunities to seek finance for our clients?


Yes! This is something we absolutely cater for. If you have a client or multiple clients and are seeking to get them in touch with real genuine vetted investors then Venture Giants is the place for you.

Our simple and fast streamlined process means that with a single login, you can post multiple investment proposals, across over 180 sectors across all regions in the UK and investment amounts.

With Venture Giants you are able to find real investor leads and you will be able to broker a deal on behalf of your client or ofcourse, send the investor contact leads directly to your client. If you happen to post more than 10 investment proposals per year with us, do contact us for a range of discounts we can offer you.

Q: How do I calculate a ROI (return on investment) figure from an Angel Investor?


Return on Investment for an Angel Investor:
The Return on Investment or ROI is the profit or loss that an angel investor may expect from an angel investment into your company.

The ROI is a percentage that compares the total potential profits of a project verses its total investment costs.

A Return on Investment (ROI) is usually calculated by an angel investor to measure the performance of one investment relative to another, and also measure the potential profit or loss an angel investor may receive by investing into you.

Calculating your ROI is expressed as a percentage and is based on returns over your expected time period that you expect the angel to invest in your company.

For example, a 25% ROI means that a £100K angel investment into your company would eventually return £125k. Thus, the total ROI would be 25% - NOT 125%!

ROI (Per Annum) is often confused but it is calculated by:


(Projected NET return for an investor) - (Investor's original investment)   X 100
Investor's original Investment


This is obviously a very simplified version of calculating an ROI for an Investor but the foundation of calculating it will remain the same always.

Now to go into further specifics - Have you projected an Exit amount? Then factor this amount in your ROI, and then in your main proposal, explain that you have factored an exit via a trade sale (for example) in year 5 which would project an investor a TOTAL ROI of X% over 5 years, when combined with the annual project dividends that he may receive.

Venture Giants specifically only lists one single ROI as opposed to Y1, Y2, Y3 etc - as we are seeking to feature high risk, high return investment opportunities as most angel investments are, and if you wish to further explain how you arrived at your ROI figure this should be explained in your own language within the investment summary, or in your business plan.

Q: How is the ‘Funds Available’ figure on your website calculated?

Venture Giants has hundreds of self certified high net worth individuals, individual Venture Capitalists, Venture Capital firms, and Individual Angel Investors that are registered to us right now actively seeking to invest into seed capital for leading edge start-ups to growth capital for profitable established mature businesses. Further, we have a range of Angel Investors, Angel investment groups, and angel syndicates all subscribing to investment deal flow from Venture Giants.

The Funds available figure on our website is an exact representation of the total pool of combined capital from our registered Investors. We calculate this by adding up the maximum amount of funds that an investor is seeking to invest in entrepreneurs. This number is calculated daily and is not a random figure.


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Q: Is it guaranteed that my investment proposal will be listed on Venture Giant?

We are an investment deal-flow service for high net worth individuals and business angel investors. Therefore the quality of investment proposals that we send out to our registered users have to be of a certain quality and we employ an internal review process for every single investment proposal that is submitted to us. This is the reason review of your investment proposal can take anywhere between 24 hours and 72 hours. This being said, we will never out-right refuse an entrepreneur's investment proposal, but where necessary we will give pointers as to how the investment proposal should be improved to maximise the potential of it receiving interest from registered investors. It will then be up to the entrepreneur to resubmit the investment proposal for us to re-review.



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Q: My business is at the start up stages and therefore I am not entirely sure of the investment required, can these areas be left blank initially with a note in the investment proposal section that the angel finance (or angel investment) needed is negotiable?

We have a range of self accredited high net worth individuals as well as Business Angel Investors that regularly use our service.

As soon as we approve your proposal and the payment has gone through, we send it out to all of the angel investors on our database that registered interest in your chosen industry (which is property), your region, and your angel investment range. Further, when we receive new angel investor account applications, and angel investment groups sign up to our deal flow email, when their investment criteria matches yours, we email them your investment proposal. If an angel investor is/are interested in contacting you after they have read the information you have provided, they will send you an email. All subsequent investor contacts are also included in the initial fee.

So, we will require investment figures from yourself. This way we can be sure that we are sending your investment proposal to angels that can afford to invest in your business.


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Q: How long will my proposal remain on Venture Giant?

Your proposal will remain on our database for the listing period indicated on our pricing page and all investors that contact you during this period will be included after you have paid your one-off listing fee. Payment can be made with any major credit card and for further security we use PayPal's secure online payment processing service. We also use WorldPay which is a very reputable merchant service and we nominated them for Venture Giants.


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Q: How is my Security protected with you? 

Your information is kept private and never shared with third parties and any information stored in our system is protected electronically as well as through procedural safeguards. Further, only registered Accredited Investors who meet Self Accredited guidelines can view your investment summary. 


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Q: How do you ensure that my proposal will be seen by the relevant Investors that are actively seeking to invest in my Industry?

Venture Giants groups all registered Investors into interest categories sorted by region, investment stage, company stage, and their very particular investment preferences. When a new proposal is submitted to Venture Giants we match it with Investors' very particular investment preferences and inform them via email of your investment proposal. When a particularly impressive investment proposal is submitted, we contact our Investors directly by post, email and phone to inform them of your proposal at no extra charge to you. This ensures that your proposal receives an instant exposure the moment it is added to our database.



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Q: When I submit my proposal will it be edited by Venture Giant? And if so will I view the edited version before publication?


We always look over all investment proposals submitted to us. This is to maintain the quality of deal flow that we send to our angel investors. You can request us to do this, and we will gladly email you with the changes before making it live. But this is something that must be requested. Alternatively please add a note that you would like to be emailed (if you have space in your proposal) and we will follow your instructions.


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Q: How does an Angel Investor find and view my proposal?


Venture Giant's registered Investors will always have unlimited access to your online business proposal (and video presentation, if you decide to upload one) which means that your chances of meeting high net worth individuals are considerably higher than by using normal brokers and agents as Venture Giants allows the High net worth investor to browse freely through all of our proposals.

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Q: Can I upload my entire business plan to Venture Giants, along with my brief investment summary?


Venture Giants will never ask Entrepreneurs to upload their ENTIRE business plan to us as we recognise how valuable, confidential and sensitive these documents are. We have a policy to inform entrepreneurs to always be extremely diligent when it comes to posting or sending their business plan to third party websites or investment services.


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Q: I would like to know more about the video pitch function.


If you would like to know more on how to film a perfect video pitch, Venture Giants has a detailed section available to registered entrepreneurs. Alternatively, please click here

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Q: How do you protect me against Fraud?


As you might expect, Venture Giants has a zero-tolerance policy against any kind of fraudulent activity on our network. We constantly carry out checks on our registered Investors to ensure that they are real, active and qualified. Further to be a registered investor on Venture Giants, investors will have to attest to stringent self-accreditation guidelines on being an Investor.



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Q: Why shouldn’t I use an Agent, or brokerage house?


With so many tools and resources available online and offline today it would be unwise on your part to pledge alliance to one agent or brokerage house. Even though the press keeps telling us that we are going through a credit crunch there still is a lot of liquidity out there for high quality entrepreneurs and business proposals. Getting your idea out there is now more important than ever and this is the most important thing an entrepreneur seeking capital can do. So, to the contrary we DO recommend using Agents and Broker houses to assist you in finding the capital you are looking for (if you can afford this). But – be careful about how much information you disclose to each one of them. If you feel uncomfortable about a particular online entrepreneur angel service asking for more information than you are willing to disclose take a step back and use someone else. Sadly, this advice goes for Venture Giants too!


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Q: What are your company policies?


Please view the tabs to the left which clearly outline all our terms and conditions and policies.


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Q: Should I make the angel investor sign a non-disclosure agreement before I provide them with my proposal? 


This is entirely up to you and each business owner and business is unique. However, we would personally recommend doing anything possible to protect your business ideas and a non-disclosure is never a bad idea.



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Q: When should I disclose my full business plan to an Investor?


Usually a serious credible Investor will read and contact you directly with very specific questions on your idea or investment proposal. Once you answer these questions satisfactorily, the Investor may ask to see your full business plan. Only IF you are comfortable should you disclose your business plan. It is always wise to have the Investor sign a Non Disclosure agreement beforehand, though not really enforceable, at least it will demonstrate that you are serious about what you are doing and that at the very least you are FORMALLY requesting that an investor NOT disclose the information to any third party!


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Q: I am very very paranoid! Without an international patent, how could an inventor or entrepreneur feel comfortable sharing priceless information on an ‘open-forum’?


Firstly Venture Giants is NOT an ‘open-forum’. We value greatly the privacy of both entrepreneurs as well as registered investors. 

This is the reason why we only accept executive type investment summaries from entrepreneurs. It is important to note that as a product Inventor or entrepreneur, it is fundamentally the execution of the idea that must be protected. So as an analogy - you may not be able to protect or patent the concept of a ‘Pizza’, but you would want to protect and patent the execution of it, i.e. the process in which it is made and cooked. 

This is why Venture Giants only sends executive type summaries (1000-characters long) to investors and we will NEVER ask entrepreneurs’ to display their entire business plan. So as an example that is quite relevant to an innovative idea that could be copied quite easily: The AA pencil battery that is rechargeable through a computer USB port. In this particular case, it is agreed that it would be remiss on an entrepreneurs’ side to state in their Venture Giants investment summary: "I have created a battery that can be recharged via the usb port of your laptop and can be used in any AA battery powered appliance.”

Instead, a more diligent way to address the investment summary would be to talk a little bit about the industry, the demographic customer you are targeting and the problem you are solving. i.e. ‘Batteries are a £40 billion global industry and growing every year. The product that I have developed uses a completely different source of power and is something that any UK or Global household can recharge without using any of the traditional sources of power that consumers are used to using.’

Venture Giants will never ask an entrepreneur to upload their ENTIRE business plan to us as we recognise how valuable, confidential and sensitive these documents are. We have a policy to inform entrepreneurs’ to always be extremely diligent when it comes to posting or sending their business plan to third party websites or investment services.

For further information on this please visit Venture Giant's entrepreneur resources on
Guide to Patents, Guide to Trademarks, Guide to Copyrights etc.

Also please visit Venture Giant's article on Non disclosure agreements, and 
Questions to ask investors


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Q: Should I pay an Angel investor a fee prior to them investing in my company?


You should NEVER pay a legitimate angel investor any upfront money for them to invest in your business. There are various investment scams taking place on the internet and they are more popular than ever. Of course there is nothing wrong with paying for a matching service on an online network or deal review fee to an angel network group, but these fees are nominal and cover the service or group overhead. 

If you do use another Angel Investment network be very very wary of a potential angel investor that makes comments like "I need to have you to commit £thousand in order for my solicitor to prepare the documents to release your funds so I can invest in your business." 

The advantage with Venture Giants is that Angel Investors that meet self certification guidelines will not ask for any kind of fees and we carry out checks on Angel investors that agree to use our service. As an entrepreneur, whether you find an Angel Investor on Venture Giants, or another angel investment service, you should also do your own due diligence on potential investors and if they say they have invested in companies before, always ask to see their portfolio with company contact details. You can also carry out company credit checks for a nominal fee.


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Q: Who is Venture Giant and why the name change to Venture Giants in 2017?


We are a team of innovative entrepreneurs, angel investors and IT professionals who have all been in the position of either requiring investment capital or wanting to find quality investment to invest in. As a result, we created Venture Giants to fill this void in the market and help make the process much easier, faster and more professional.

Many companies have had name changes over their life spans, example: Research In Motion to BlackBerry (2013), Apple Computer To Apple (2007) and BackRub to Google (1997).

We found that from 2010 to 2017 we were being called 'Venture Giants' more than 'Venture Giant' by entrepreneurs and investors and we decided to just go with the flow and change the name to one of the path of least resistance. We hope you like it better?

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Q: Is Venture Giants regulated by any Financial Institution?



Venture Giants is not regulated by the FSA as it is not a commission collecting service, nor do we provide any type of advice or recommendations on any of the entrepreneur proposals. As a result, we do not fall within FSA regulations. Each angel investor is required to attest to being a self accredited "sophisticated investor" as well as other certification requirements which furthers places the responsibility on the angel investor to understand the risks associated with typical early-stage high risk investments.


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Q: Where is Venture Giants based?

We are registered to our Paddington address in the UK. However as we are strictly an online based business, our staff work are allowed to work remotely.



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Q: I have more questions, how should I contact you?

We have a ticket function and aim to answer all emails to us in 24 - 48 hours. You can open a ticket by clicking here or please email us directly at entrepreneur @ venturegiants.com 




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