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Q: How does this service work and what can you offer me that’s so different to what I already use?

A: Venture Giants offers registered angel investors unlimited access to thousands of targeted business proposals which you can easily search for within our database completely free of charge.

Our opportunities range from seed capital for leading edge start-ups to growth capital for profitable established mature businesses. Using all of Venture Giants tools and resources available to you free of charge may find you the next eBay, Amazon or Microsoft. Venture Giants allows its registered angel investors to connect with entrepreneurs seeking capital at all funding stages and across a diverse range of industries.


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Q: As an Angel Investor, or Potential Investor, what kind of proposals are available to me on Venture Giants?

A: Small to Mid sized business owners as well as start-ups involved in a diverse range of businesses and industries are all listed on Venture Giants. Opportunities presented here include everything from manufacturing companies to Property opportunities and everything in between. Generally, these entrepreneurs have exhausted traditional lending sources and their own private equity sources and must look for ways to bring in outside sources of capital for growth. The proposals listed on Venture Giants are generally too small to be eligible for Venture capital funding and/or have business models that don't interest traditional bankers as the entrepreneurs may wish to exchange equity for capital, which is not attached to any kind of collateral.

Q: Is it possible to be notified of proposals that match my exact requirements as and when they are uploaded?

A: Venture Giants registered angel investors can receive either periodic emails, or instant notification emails completely free of charge when matching investment proposals are added to our database that match specific investment criteria (industry, region, investment size etc) set by our member.

Further, Venture Giants innovative email system will never send repeat proposals that you have read online, ensuring that the business plans you receive from Venture Giants best fit your profile and portfolio requirements.

Q: If I choose to be notified of investment proposals that match my criteria, can I adjust the quantity of emails I receive?

A: You can easily adjust the amount of emails you receive by simply logging into your account and refining your investment criteria to narrow the scope. Likewise, if you are not receiving enough deal flow, you can always broaden your investment criteria to receive more proposals.
Q: As an Angel Investor I can source more trustworthy investment proposals through my own network. Why would I use Venture Giant?

Firstly, we do not intend to compete with the investment proposals you can receive through colleagues, friends and families. We agree that sometimes these can be the best investment opportunities. Venture Giants is designed to complement and expand on your existing infrastructure of receiving investment deal flow. Venture Giants main intention is to allow investors based in the UK access to investment opportunities from entrepreneurs from all over the World, and we intend to provide this service completely for free of charge to angel investors.

Q: What are the costs of using Venture Giant?

A: The service is 100% FREE for angel investors and there is no obligation to you. Venture Giants does not charge any fees to accredited angel investors to use this service. The entrepreneurs that register to Venture Giants are charged a one-time fee, and we will never pass on your contact details to an entrepreneur UNLESS you specifically contact him or her in regards to their investment proposal.

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Q: If I register on your site for the service you offer, will my information be secure and kept confidential?

A: Yes. Your information is kept private and never shared with third parties. You will be viewing plans in complete anonymity, and you will never receive unsolicited emails. We take this very seriously and fully realise any information or profiles added to our database are strictly for the purpose of you and for using this service to further your interests in finding the right entrepreneur investment proposals. We will never sell or give away your information to any third parties, ever!

Q: I sent an entrepreneur a notification of my interest in his proposal but have not heard from them. What can I do?

A: You have two choices; 1. simply wait for them to respond. Some take longer than others; they may be away or very busy at the moment. 2. As a feature of Venture Giants, we allow you to override the process of waiting for an entrepreneur to respond to your interest by paying a small fee and getting their direct contact information. The advantage of this is being able to contact them right away and possibly even before they talk to any other angel investors.

Q: Do you pre-screen or carry out due diligence on the entrepreneurs and/or their proposals?

A: No. There would be no possible way for us to take the time to individually conduct due diligence on each and every entrepreneur who registers with our service. Because we are a volume oriented deal flow platform to match and connect entrepreneurs and angel investors like yourself, this part of the process must only be done by angel investors and/or their counsel.

Q: I just signed up and my account status is “Awaiting Review”. What is this?

A: When a new angel Investor signs up with Venture Giants, we do everything in our power to ensure that you are a legitimate user of the site. This is to protect our Entrepreneurs from Fraudulent activity. Once we verify your details, we will then email you to confirm that we have approved your angel Investor account validation process. During this time, you are free to read the proposals, add proposals to your hot list, but you will be unable to contact entrepreneurs during this time.

Q: How can Filtered Angel investment deal flow benefit me, and why is yours better than other Angel Investment networks?

  Filtered Angel Investment deal-flow is a very useful feature and is completely free to use for activated investor accounts. You will only receive investment summaries of entrepreneurs via email that match your EXACT investment preferences. You can control the amount of emails you receive at any time and you are also able to contact entrepreneurs directly from the email you receive.

Q: My Angel Investor Account has been denied. Is there anything I can do?

A: If you are having any problems. Simply send a message through our live support system to let us know. Clearly identify your full name, and explain that you are having an "Investor Registration Problem".

Q: Who is Venture Giants?

A: https://www.venturegiants.com is owned and operated by EA Hampstead LTD, based in Central London. We are the UK’s premiere matching service for entrepreneurs and angel investors. We provide high quality deal flow for angel Investors specifically based upon Angel investors very specific investment criteria. We enter 2008 with an uncertain uneconomic outlook – and private equity has outperformed other investment classes in terms of alternative investments.  Venture Giants was created by a committed group of professionals formerly involved in business acquisition consulting, information technology and various start-ups. Venture Giants is continually growing, developing and updating it’s database of both qualified angel investors and Entrepreneurs.

Q: How much can I expect to make for a return on my investment?

A: This is very dependent on the situation, size of investment, size of company, industry trends, etc. However, it is estimated that many angel investment returns in the UK and USA have been in the range of 20-40% return on investment (ROI). Some of course have proven to be less but sometimes are much, much more. Think of the private angel Investor that invested $100,000 into Google, and exited with $1,500,000,000.00

Q: What is the difference between Angel Funding and Venture Capital

A: Generally, Angel investors do not invest in deals greater than $1 million whereas venture capital firms typically are not looking at deals under this amount. As an angel, you make your own decisions as opposed to a board or group of people representing investors that have pooled their money. Entrepreneurs often expect that you may be more involved in the business and may provide assistance in ways that venture capital firms do not. You also do not typically own as large a stake in the company as a venture capital firm would. Another benefit of being an angel investor is the reception of certain tax incentives under the EIS scheme. 

Q: Are there any tax benefits available to Angel investors?


A: Yes. There is a Government backed scheme implemented to encourage Entrepreneurship and Angel Investing in the UK called the Enterprise Investment Scheme ("EIS"). There are currently five separate tax relief’s available to Angel Investors:

  • Income tax relief
  • Capital Gains Tax Deferral Relief
  • Capital Gains Tax Freedom
  • Loss Relief
  • Inheritance Tax Exemption

For more information on this, please log onto the EISA.

Q: I have more questions, who do I contact to speak to?

A: We have a live chat system which will allow you to communicate with us directly. Alternatively you can email us on Investor@venturegiants.com

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